Facebook Group “Chilliwack Uncensored” Censors Cassandra Oosterhof Article!

It’s an astonishing reality that those who call themselves “uncensored” are often the worst censors of all, yet that’s precisely the case with the Facebook group named, oddly enough, “Chilliwack Uncensored.”

Tourism-Chilliwack-Likes-Cassandra-Oosterhof-ArticleYesterday I wrote an article about Chilliwack huntress Cassandra Oosterhof and her quest to win the title of “Extreme Huntress 2017”.  It’s an article describing what the Extreme Huntress Competition is all about, namely promoting positive female role models and our outdoor heritage.

It’s a great cause that should be supported by pretty much everyone, or so I thought this morning before the censors attacked!

As Cassandra is in dire need of more votes if she is going to make the cut to the finals, once I published the article this morning I searched Facebook for appropriate groups to promote her cause.   These sites included Tourism Chilliwack (who liked the post), Chilliwack City Hall locally (who would send it to the appropriate person when their office re-opened on Tuesday) and, of course, the usual suspects of national pro-firearm and pro-hunting sites.

The absolute LAST place I would have expected this article to be censored is “Chilliwack Uncensored”, yet that’s precisely what happened.

Here’s the note I placed on their page.  It’s the same note I placed on all the other pages I visited in my attempt to help garner Cassandra Oosterhof the votes she needs.

I’m trying to help Cassandra Oosterhof win the Extreme Huntress 2017 title. She’s competing with women from around the world for this and she’s one of Chilliwack’s own.

Please help me promote awareness of her and her goal. Here’s a link to the article I wrote on her and her amazing quest.



Christopher di Armani

Kyle-Gensick-likes-Cassandra-Oosterhof-ArticleAlmost immediately after I posted that note to their page someone named “Kyle Gensick” liked the post.

Excellent, I thought.  One more vote for Cassandra and her quest.

Kimberly-Berry-Dislikes-Cassandra-Oosterhof-ArticleWithin seconds one “Kimberly Berry” disliked the post and 30 seconds after that the post itself disappeared a la Keyzer Soze in The Usual Suspects.

To say I was shocked would be an understatement.  Who knew there were “approved topics” in a group titled “Chilliwack Uncensored“!

Now I know…

If only I could find a list of what topics are permitted by the censors of “Chilliwack Uncensored”…


trophyPlease help Cassandra Oosterhof make it to the next round of the Extreme Huntress competition.  Vote for her today at http://www.extremehuntress.com/main/2017-voting/.

When you go to the voting page enter “Cassandra” in the search box, click the box to receive email updates from her, if you like, and then enter your email address and click the green “Vote” button.  Click on the link that says ‘send confirmation email’ and then check your email for that confirmation and finally click the link inside that email.


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