Justin Trudeau’s Hypocrisy on “Open Government”

Shiny-Pony-Justin-TrudeauOur very own Shiny Pony, otherwise known as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, ran on an election platform that promised open government.  He would bring in a new era of openness and transparency in government and allow Canadians to have their say.

That idea was so short-lived even _I_ find it hard to believe.

For example, The Shiny Pony is demanding electoral reform.  He wants to fundamentally change the way we elect people to the House of Commons.

If we’re going to change fundamentally the way our nation is governed the rational, thoughtful and “open and transparent” way to accomplish that is to let Canadians decide, right?  Have a national referendum on the issue and see what Canadians actually think.

But this is where Trudeau’s personal arrogance and the institutional arrogance of the entire Liberal Party of Canada kicks in.

They know what’s best for Canada.

Just ask them.

They’ll tell you.

“When I want to know Canadians’ opinion on an issue I will give it to them.”

That’s the Trudeau way.

That’s the Liberal way.

That’s NOT the Canadian way.

There are a number of things you can do to help diminish this arrogant attitude of our “betters“.

  1. Write Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and demand a referendum on any electoral reform.  Explain politely why all Canadians must have a say in this fundamental change to our democracy.
  2. Write Minister of Democratic Institutions Maryam Monsef, the woman Justin Trudeau appointed to ram his version of electoral reform down our throats and explain to her that people following a Twitter hashtag is just not the same as a national referendum.  Neither is the “mandate” she refers to when saying she is part of a majority government.  She neglects to mention that only 39.47% of Canadians voted for that “majority” Liberal government, thus invalidating her mandate argument.
  3. Write your personal MP and express your opinion politely but firmly that any change to the national election system MUST be done through a referendum.
  4. Visit http://www.conservative.ca/cpc/protect-your-vote/ and add your name to the list of people demanding a referendum on this critical issue. While this is a partisan list the Conservatives appear to be the ONLY party interested in a referendum on electoral reform. The NDP sides with the Liberals on this issue.
  5. Listen to Rex Murphy’s commentary on electoral reform.  It’s excellent and will give you many ideas for your letters to our political “betters”.

Please send me copies of your letters.  I would love to know which arguments people are using to talk to these so-called “elected representatives”.

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