Workplace Violence is Okay… if you’re Justin Trudeau

Justin-Trudeau-Workplace-Violence-Is-BadFor a Liberal the accepted mantra is that workplace violence is bad…. It’s unacceptable.

Except when it’s Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau committing that workplace violence.  Then the good sheep otherwise known as Liberal Party Members of Parliament applaud that workplace violence with vigor.

It’s all quite appalling, yet it is also the new normal; that good old Liberal double-standard now that their Shiny Pony is prime minister, or should I say now that “the pathetic spoiled brat who throws a temper tantrum whenever he doesn’t get his way” is Prime Minister.

Get the fuck out of the way.”

Is that any way for a Prime Minister to speak?

Can you imagine if the Greatest Enemy Canada Has Ever Known, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, uttered those words instead of The Anointed One?

The media would slay that evil Conservative for weeks, if not months, but when it’s the Shiny Pony and an entire Liberal caucus applauds his atrocious behaviour it’s all just no big deal.

I completely apologize,” Trudeau told the House. “It was not my intention to hurt anyone.”

He apologized, right?  Why can’t that be the end of it?

It can’t be the end of it because we should not judged by our intentions but by our actions. It is our actions that reveal our true character, not our intentions.  Those are always flawless, aren’t they?  Our actions perhaps less so.

Trudeau’s actions are of those a petulant child who is told No.  The temper tantrum that ensues has our Prime Minister storm across the floor to physically manhandle another Member of Parliament while elbowing yet another Member of Parliament in the chest simply cannot be excused.

Not even a lapdog media that refuses to find fault with anything this spoiled brat does can excuse this behaviour… and yet it does.

Hmm…  Trudeau’s absurd rationalization for his unacceptable behaviour is laughable.

“The opposition whip seemed to be impeded with his progress. In so doing, I admit I came into physical contact with a number of members.”

Had any Conservative MP elbowed NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau in the chest the Liberal Party would call for a national inquiry and demand the guilty party step down until that inquiry is complete.  Had a Conservative Prime Minister done so?  I cannot even imagine the ensuing uproar from that side of the floor.

The character of our nation’s leader was revealed to us and it is not a character any of us should be proud of.  Not in the least.

While I do not agree with Thomas Mulcair on a great many things on this issue he and I see 100% eye to eye.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is, to quote Mr. Mulcair, “pathetic.”

“What kind of man elbows a woman?  It’s pathetic.  You’re pathetic.”

I could not agree more.  I applaud Mr. Mulcair for his vehement defense of his MP.

Justin Trudeau is a pathetic clown who could barely keep from laughing during his so-called “apology”.  The smirk evident on his face throughout, the national disgrace we call Prime Minister gave the following “pathetic” explanation for his poor behaviour.  Yes, this is verbatim.

Uh, I want to, uh, take the opportunity, uh, now that the Member has, uh, is ah, is okay to return to the House right now, uh, to be able to express directly to her, uh, my apologies, uh, for my behaviour and my actions. Unreservedly.

The fact is, un, in, uh, this situation where I saw… No! I’m not… Explanations… Mr. Speaker…  I…. I noticed… that the, uh, member, uh, the opposite uh member whip, uh, was being impeded in his progress.  I… took it upon myself, uh, to assist him forward, uh, which was, which was I now see, uh, unadviseable as a course of actions, uh, and resulted in, uh, physical contact in this house, uh, that, uh, we can all accept was, uh, un… un… un… unacceptable and I apologize for that unreservedly, uh, and I look for opportunities, uh, to make amends, uh, directly to the member, uh, and to any members, uh, who, uh, feel, uh, negatively impacted,uh, by this, uh, by this, uh, exchange and intervention, uh, because I take responsibility.

When you listen to his pathetic apology in its entirety it’s hard not to vomit at the insincerity of it all.  It’s also embarrassing that our Prime Minister cannot make it through than half a dozen syllables before, uh, fumbling, uh, for more words.

You can tell a lot about a man when you put him under pressure.  When that man thinks nothing of manhandling another person for “not moving fast enough for his liking” while elbowing a woman in the chest just because she was “in the way”…

What can I tell you?

We learned a lot about the character of our Prime Minister today, and what we learned is NOT pretty.  No, it’s, uh, bloody disgraceful actually.


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