Awesome Button given away at CSSA AGM in Oshawa, Ontario

Some days are just fun and today at the Canadian Shooting Sports Association‘s 2016 AGM in Ottawa is no exception.

In addition to a well attended AGM in the morning, the presentation by Faith Goldy and Brian Lilley of was fantastic.  Having two of the shooting sports best friends presenting a panel on media relations to the CSSA was a real treat, not to mention highly informative.  The duo offered some valuable ideas for advancing the cause of rights and freedoms in the coming months and years… more on that in the next few days…

Faith Goldy and Brian Lilley at CSSA AGM 2016
Faith Goldy and Brian Lilley presenting at the Canadian Shooting Sports Annual General Meeting in Oshawa, Ontario Saturday, May 14, 2016


The CSSA’s Annual Stick to Your Guns Dinner had the usual AMAZING food and was attended by over 170 people.  More on that later too, but one of the highlights was when Tony Bernardo, the CSSA’s Executive Director, offered a hand-made one-of-a-kind button to the first person to donate the cost of a CSSA 1 year membership.

Dean Link created the one-of-a-kind button which was won by Spyros Chrysochou, the General Manager of Stoeger Canada.  Chrysochou is a long-time supporter of the Canadian Shooting Sports Association.

This is that button. What a wonderful sentiment, and while this is the first of it’s kind, I highly doubt it will be the last.

Stop Trudeau Button
A Lovely Sentiment!


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