Former NFA President James Murray Hinter dodges the bullet again

James Murray, aka James Hinter, former President of Canada's National Firearms Association
James Murray, aka James Hinter, former President of Canada’s National Firearms Association

James Murray, as he calls himself today, is the former President of Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA) when he called himself James Murray Hinter.  He currently resides in Thunder Bay and a couple of years ago he found himself, once again, in legal hot water over guns.

In pleading guilty in Ontario Superior Court to charges of unauthorized possession of a firearm and unsafe storage of a firearm he skated with a $600 fine and 12 months probation.  He also is prohibited from owning firearms for 2 years and if Hinter or Murray or whatever he wants to call himself today was in any way criminally minded (and I highly doubt he is) that prohibition would be one more useless piece of paper.

Back when he was the NFA President he took a jammed pistol home from the range and managed, in the course of his attempt to un-jam the handgun, fired a bullet through his apartment wall and into his neighbor’s apartment.  Fortunately nobody was harmed and James Hinter, as he called himself then, was acquitted of the charges he faced.

Hinter is currently listed as the president of a media website, NetNewsLedger. NetNewsLedger is a website based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, where Jim Hinter is listed as “James Murray, Chief Content Officer” as well as “James Murray, President” on their “About NNL” web page.  Through this website it appears Hinter or Murray is doing some very good work in his community.

As I wrote back on May 9, 2014,

We wish Mr. Hinter good luck as he faces this latest round of criminal charges. He appears to be doing good work in the Thunder Bay community and it would be a shame if that work ended with him in a prison cell.

Looks like Mr Hinter aka Mr. Murray can continue his fine work at the NetNewsLedger, but without his ownership of firearms.

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