Update on The Christian Post’s Pro-Abortion Debacle

Well, much to my surprise I actually received a response from The Christian Post about their pro-abortion Plan B pill ad debacle.

The latest rage in some Christian circles is to advocate for abortion?

I suppose sending them a copy of my article “Has The Christan Post Found Secularism but Lost Christ” helped, since they didn’t respond to my first message to them on the subject.  No, it was my article that seemed to get their attention instead.

That they responded at all is rather surprising to me, but the substance of their response isn’t.

Hello Christopher,

Thank you for bringing this Plan B ad to our attention!  We can assure you that we did not intentionally promote Plan B and will talk to our ad team to figure out why there is such an ad in our newsletter without us being aware of it.  Again, we appreciate you informing us and we will try to take care of this as quickly as possible.


The Christian Post


…and we will try to take care of this…” ?

I would hope they would “absolutely” deal with this so it could never happen again but clearly my hopes were too high.

The other day I asked the question “Have they lost Christ Himself in their misguided search for relevance (and ad revenue)?”

It appears the answer to that question is “Yes”, since all they will do is “try to take care of this”… instead of “guarantee” they don’t promote abortion pills in the future.

Am I nitpicking over a word choice here?


Words are important.  Anyone who runs a magazine knows that.  They know the words we use are important.  Those word choices send messages to our readers of our intent and our mindset.

This time The Christian Post falls well short of the goal line and that saddens me.

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