Gamil Gharbi Day – Because blaming the millions of men who didn’t kill anyone is always in fashion!


Canada’s annual Man-Hating Festival is well underway, instigated and celebrated by such sharp visionaries and illustrious luminaries as Windy Wendy Cukier and Lying Heidi “I Was There” Rathjen. (Gharbi was never anywhere near her but Heidi Rathjen refuses to let that pesky little truth get in her way!)

The cause of “gun control” will never fade because these allegedly smart women refuse to accept one simple fact: it is human beings who kill each other.

Guns are merely one of many tools used to commit murder.

By refusing to face that fundamental truth “gun control” advocates remove personal responsibility from the equation and effectively reduce our society to one of little children who don’t know right from wrong; children who are transformed into mass murderers simply because a firearm is in the house unless Mommy and the Almighty Nanny State gets rid of the guns.


Absolutely, but that doesn’t stop these people from spinning their yarns to anyone who will listen, usually others with an equal or higher stake in reducing society to irresponsible children who must be “managed“.

Governments love “gun control” for equal and opposite reasons: they hate guns in the hands of “mere citizens” and love control over every aspect of our lives.

Until we teach our children about personal responsibility again and, more importantly, hold murderous criminals accountable for their actions, nothing will change.

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2 thoughts on “Gamil Gharbi Day – Because blaming the millions of men who didn’t kill anyone is always in fashion!

  1. All of us have to look at history to see irrefutable truth that leftists are liars with a destructive anti freedom/anti justice agenda and the first plank on their corrupt platform is gun control and banning. This removes the right and ability of the freeborn man to his first right, the right to security of the person. It also allows absolute tyranny to go unopposed as the LEO’s (legally entitled oppressors) will be the only ones armed and able to with little opposition impose the fiats of the corrupt fascist system.

    These radfem whacko cases, tools of the oppressors are light in the head department. Why are they complaining about women being slaughtered? They got their wish didn’t they?

    Note that when Gharbi ordered the males out, they all filed obediently out leaving the women to be slaughtered. Isn’t that what the radfems always wanted, wimpy, panty waisted men?

    If that situation had occurred before the radfem kool aid was dispensed to society, then I am sure the men of the former era would have rushed Gharbi to save the fairer gender. But it was not to be, the radfems always demanded they were equal and took offense at being accommodated by gentlemen who opened doors for them in public and other small things that denoted respect.

    Perhaps it is good that the males did not charge Gharbi, and prevent the massacre, for I suspect the radfems in the crowd would have registered anger at the display of chauvinistic chivalry and demanded the men in the crowd do what Gharbi told them and file out.

    I have never in my life meant a radfem who did not have less sense than God gave a billygoat and more than a few of these derelicts are the meanest, malicious individuals that God ever strung gut into.

    I wonder why these mouthy minions of Malthusian mental midgetry do not think before spewing their verbal diahrhea on us instead of registering their outrage on the dishonor murders, female genital mutilation, and misogyny of the muslim crowd, not to mention the gender based aborticide that is practiced worldwide, targeting baby girls.

    The answer is clear, like all leftist loonies they are not only crazy but also cowardly.

  2. These man hating, leftist loonies for get one simple fact.
    A whole bunch of young men died so that they could have the right to spew their lies.

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