You’ve always WANTED to shoot your alarm clock, right?

Don’t deny it.  You’ve always WANTED to shoot your alarm clock, right?

Well, now you can with this unique offering on Groupon.  Gun-Terget-Alarm-Clock

I was tipped to the shootable alarm clock by a co-worker who knew I want to shoot mine every morning.

I like that it is both the clock and gun are battery-powered.  I don’t know why but I’ve always preferred battery-powered alarm clocks to the plugin kind.  It’s not that the power goes off very often but when it does… it’s just not good, right?

When I checked out the listing I was greatly dismayed to learn the battery-powered shootable alarm clock is not available in Canada through their Groupon sale. I’ve not yet been able to find it elsewhere online, at least not at the low price offered on Groupon.

I’m including it here in case any faithful Canadian readers have access to a US mailing address and want to take advantage of the sale.  Any of my American regulars can, of course, immediately take advantage of this sale if the mood strikes.

And to be clear, I have no connection to the company or Groupon, nor to I make any kind of commission if you buy it… I just think it’s a cool item and wish it was available here in Canada.

From the Groupon listing:

In a Nutshell

Infrared gun with 18 ft. range lets you shoot your alarm-clock target each morning, focusing your attention so that you wake up in time.

Target Recordable Alarm Clock

Though they were once heralded as a ground-breaking invention, alarm clocks are now the object of scorn for many who wish for only one thing—to sleep in.

This two-piece target clock lets you act out the fantasy of destroying it while still fulfilling its duty and waking you from your slumber. Every morning when the alarm sounds, just pick up the plastic toy gun that comes with the clock and fire off a few rounds to silence the piercing alarm or your self-recorded wake-up message.

Two alarm modes let you decide how much effort you put into getting up.

Normal requires just one shot to deactivate, but hard mode gives you an added mental challenge, taking five accurate shots to quiet down.

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