Father Shoots, Kills Thugs Who Kidnapped his Daughter and used her as a Human Shield During Home Invasion


The story is terrifying.  A man, faced with two large black men invading his home, must choose how to deal with the thugs holding his daughter captive as a human shield.

Dialing 9-1-1?  Clearly not an option.

The setting: St Louis, Missouri, 11pm.

The 17-year-old daughter is at her car grabbing stuff to bring into the house.  Two masked thugs grab her, put a gun to her head and, using her as a human shield, force their way inside the home.

The girl’s father watches this go down and grabs his own gun.

He fires at the masked home invaders, killing one and seriously wounding the other as they entered the front door.

Terrell Johnson, 31, was killed.

His accomplice, Cortez McClinton, 33, received multiple gunshot wounds to his chest and thighs. He is expected to recover.

Cortez McClinton, charged with second-degree murder, kidnapping, burglary and armed criminal action, was released from jail this past January when prosecutors dropped the murder charge against him when nobody would testify against him.

Clearly a model citizen, I have no doubt Cortez McClinton would not harm a soul inside the home he just invaded using a 17-year-old as a hostage while holding a gun to her head.

It was all for show.

Or so his family and friends will no doubt assert as they whine about his being shot and his accomplice now lies on a slab in the morgue.

On the bright side the 17-year-old daughter was completely unharmed even though her attackers suffered fatal and serious injuries, respectively.

Nobody else in the family was harmed inside the home either.

Only the masked home-invading scumbags were killed or injured, exactly as they ought.

Given the record of Cortez McClinton it seems a shame he will survive his injuries, but given that record it is also highly unlikely he will learn from the error of his ways.

With previous convictions for drugs and vehicle tampering and a dropped murder charge due to lack of witnesses, McClinton (right) does not appear to be a candidate for rehabilitation.

He will also face felony murder charges for the death of his accomplice as his actions led directly to Terrell Johnson’s death.

How appropriate.

Police say there are no charges against anyone inside the home as this is a clear-cut case of self-defense.

Again, how appropriate.

There are times when dialing 9-1-1 simply isn’t an option.  Everyone in that home would be dead long before police could ever arrive.

The only thing that kept them alive was a father who owns guns who possessed the willingness to use deadly force to save the lives of his his daughter and the rest of his family.

NOTE: His wife also shot at the intruders holding her daughter hostage. Now there are two parents I’d be proud to know!


1 thought on “Father Shoots, Kills Thugs Who Kidnapped his Daughter and used her as a Human Shield During Home Invasion

  1. I regret the other one who deserves to die did not succumb to his injuries. The streets of big cities are filled with this sort of trash and that race has a high disproportionate crime rate. One wonders if the criminals had a gruesome fate in mind for their hostage and her family, to the likes of the Wichita Massacre.

    My studies have indicated the real problem with the high rate of minority crime. It is NOT as the politically correct loonies would tell us that racism is the cause. The one big factor in this is the reality that a majority of negro families are headed by single mothers. The father in these scenarios abandons his child/children and they of course grow up with no direction and fall in with gangs and/or get into a life of crime.

    The second factor is that liberal loonies create an entitlement mood which is almost like a religion among minorities, and this theme is carried by academia and the “presstitutes” who foster a “we owe them a living” because of slavery.

    You will note that there are good men who are a credit to their race such as Walter Williams, Herman Cain, etc and who would be even better presidents by far than the present clown and the slate of Caucasians in the past, many who were not good at all.

    Of course the presstitutes are prejudiced against Conservatives and especially Conservatives of race for they fear such good men will set the record straight and the destructive politically correct lunatic machine will be slowed substantially. Walter Williams, Ben Carson, etc have risen to success by their hard work and their example would kill the lie pushed by the leftist loonies that racism is the cause of all minority problems.

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