Kansas State Rep. Jim Howell Stands With Gun Owners. Almost.

The mainstream media continues to make a mountain out of a molehill in Kansas, where a new law will take effect July 1 allowing concealed carry permit holders to carry their firearms inside the Kansas Statehouse.

The usual suspects whine incessantly about the dangers of allowing mere citizens to carry firearms but Rep. Jim Howell made it very clear where he stands, and it’s not with the whining ninnies.

“I’m not worried about the guys with concealed carry licenses. I’ve never been worried about them. The ones we need to worry about are the guys who are not licensed, who are concealing their firearm for some reason, and would walk in there apparently with some sinister intent.”

While I disagree that law-abiding American citizens require any form of carry permit (if the Second Amendment was ever obeyed!) if we’re going to pit one American against another it should be the good guys versus the bad guys, not permit holders against non-permit holders.

Howell, like most legislators sadly, only gets it partially correct. He says we need to worry about “the guys who are not licensed, who are concealing their firearm for some reason” and that is garbage.

We need to worry about bad guys with guns, period. It matters not whether they have permission slips from The Almighty State.

It matters whether they have, as Howell correctly says, “some sinister intent.”

Kansas Capitol Police, naturally, are against we mere citizens being armed on “their turf” but that’s just territorial urination. They’ve had free reign until now and there isn’t a bureaucracy on the planet that willingly gives up control. It must be wrested from them inch by stupid inch.

We always felt the building is safe and our concern would be if we had an active shooter, that other law enforcement agencies that might come to the building to help out, they won’t know who the concealed carry people are. If they saw them with a handgun, they mistake them for an active shooter,” Capitol Police spokesperson Officer Steven Crumpler said.

That’s very simple to determine, Officer Crumpler, and this is where the age-old maxim of firearm safety applies.

Make sure of your target and what is beyond.

You never fire a shot until you are positive you have the correct target. If there is an “active shooter” in the building the odds are pretty good it will be obvious to everyone, even law enforcement.

He’ll be the moron shooting all the other people.

The mere fact a person holds a firearm does not mean you shoot. You must be sure of the threat that person poses first. If someone, for example, points their firearm at the moron shooting other people he or she is clearly one of the “good guys” and you leave them alone.

Direct your intentions on the person posing the threat, not the person or persons stopping it.

How’s that for simple?

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