Phil Hewkin’s Cartoon Says It All…

Phil Hewkin is an artist and a gun owner.  He believes, as I do, that owning private property should not land you in prison, nor should it cost you your life savings or your family home.  All three of those things happened to Ontario gunsmith Bruce Montague.  Well, to be precise, the last of the three, the theft of the Montague family home using Ontario’s Proceeds of Crime Act, is not yet completed.

Now that the federal government is done stripping the Montagues of their life savings in the form of a firearm and ammunition collection, the Ontario government will now proceed with their absurd claim that the Montague family somehow benefited financially from Bruce Montague’s act of civil disobedience.

We in the west will tolerate any amount of insanity from radical muslims, yet when a single Canadian gun owner uses civil disobedience to protest an atrocious law he is branded a terrorist, tossed in prison and stripped of his worldly possessions.

Does that sound reasonable and rational?

Only if you’re a loony lefty who despises the Rights and Freedoms we are born with…

Image Courtesy of Phil Hewkin. Used with permission.

2 thoughts on “Phil Hewkin’s Cartoon Says It All…

  1. I find the saddest part about the Montague situation is, although there is not the remotest connection of benefit or profit (Home and Gun Collection) as a result of Bruce’s challenging (Breaking) a Law….they will let the ball roll so that somewhere down the road, and another case, it will be used as a “Precedent” and someone else’s life will be flushed down the “Canadian Justice System Toilet”.
    Hand in hand with this is….not one Politician from any of the three Political Parties has stood up and said.. “Hey….wait a minute….This is not the intent of the Law we passed..!!!!”

    The Road goes on Forever…and the Party never ends…


  2. The left are first of all liars, aecondly intolerant bigots, thirdly, cowards and finally malicious peons who attack anyone who refuses to drink the “kool aid.”

    Liberals are entrenched in the system and use the system to hide behind in their impositional bent to attack anyone who opposes their corrupt, anti freedom, anti justice politically correct agenda, including the right to own firearms for PROTECTION.

    The only way to get at them is to isolate the perpetrator in any situation and expose them…these people all have a home with neighbors around, some a church affiliation, some cottages and hobbies.

    Target them and expose them in all areas of their existence outside the bureaucracy and system they cowardly hide behind.

    I would like to know the names of the crown attorneys, the judge/judges, and anyone involved in this attack on the rights and freedoms of Bruce Montague.

    Liars, bigots and politically correct fascists like to be what they are in their liberal la la land existence, but they do not like anyone to know about it. Make them own what they have done.

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