Donna Montague Speaks Out on Criminal Case Against Her Husband


My name is Donna Montague. I am married to former Ontario gunsmith Bruce Montague.

I have had Enough!

I am thoroughly disgusted!

It is bad enough that the news media reports inflammatory positions about Bruce without verifying their data ….. but the “JUDICIARY” is doing it too.

Now that the trial is over I can speak.

The search of our home:

  • First off, there was no search warrant for the September 11, 2004 raid on my home. To this day I have not seen a search warrant for this raid.
  • The dynamite we had in the freezer was legal and all charges related to it were dropped. The police reported the dynamite to prejudice the public.
  • There were NO sawed off shotguns.
  • Next, 20,000 rounds is not a lot. Police officers testified that they and target shooters shoot 5,000-10,000 rounds a year. One order from a local police department is for 11,000 rounds for one event. A retailer has to supply to their customers.
  • Next, the full auto firearms: Most don’t realize that they are legal in Canada. Bruce’s license for these was burned in protest.
  • Serial Numbers: Bruce did remove serial numbers and was harshly sentenced for it. Bruce served his sentence.

Bruce’s character:

The charge against Bruce of being a danger to society was found NOT GUILTY by the jury.

Character witnesses, a crown contracted background check, and even OPP officers who knew him, when cross-examined testified and stated that Bruce is an upstanding citizen. Bruce worked on a lot of OPP and local police firearms and serviced police departments as far away as New Jersey. At the time of the raid he had a handgun form a Kenora Crown Attorney and an OPP rifle. Yet Bruce is continually slandered.

I, his wife would not remain by his side for over 35 years, and through all this, if Bruce was of the character the judiciary is insinuating. Bruce is a help-your-neighbour kind of guy. I can’t imagine anyone who knows him saying otherwise.

You know we ran a gunsmithing shop and retailed firearms. We didn’t have as many firearms as most firearms stores do. Now the government wish to take what was our small store’s inventory It was not an arsenal! – it is our life’s savings!

Now, after the criminal portion of our case is over, the Crown wants to seize our home – paid for with inherited money from my father and built by our family. This is extreme, overboard and unreasonable!

This game of media defamation is disgusting. You jury members and those who attended the trial, you know the whole story. You can share what you learned in the trial. This is spinning out of control – It is like politicians with their smear campaigns at election time.

Please! Stand Up! Speak! Don’t be silent and let this atrocity continue.

Donna Montague


P.S. I have had a lot of response to my letter in the newspaper. People are asking me how they can help with letter writing. We would appreciate your letters to be cc’d to:

Court of Appeal for Ontario
130 Queen Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5H 2N5

The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay (no postage necessary)
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8

Canadian Constitutional Foundation
1830 – 52 Street SE
Suite 240
Calgary, Alberta T2B 1N1

Some points to consider in these letters may be:

  • Taking someone’s life savings for a victimless paper crime when a 1 ½ year prison sentence already seams excessive, is a cruel and excessively brutal punishment.
  • In light of the lenient sentences that real criminals get, the courts appear to have an obvious bias against firearms owners.
  • Bruce Montague was a protester! He was a conscientious objector to Canada firearms legislation. (see an excellent explanation of what this means at He didn’t threaten or hurt anyone. This isn’t how we treat protesters!
  • The civil forfeiture legislation was presented as stopping drug lords from getting rich. The we made no profit from our protest and our house is not an instrument or proceed of crime. Bruce made nothing, but the government stands to make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Canadian Constitutional Foundation is representing us. You can support their efforts by donating through the Canadian Constitution Foundation website


Donna Montague

3 thoughts on “Donna Montague Speaks Out on Criminal Case Against Her Husband

  1. It is easy to see that the corrupt system has turned into a fascist politically correct nest of snakes devoid of the principles of freedom and justice.

    Such actions have a serious detrimental effect on them but they think as part of the system, they are immune to retribution for their criminality using and hiding behind the system. This is a hallmark of fascism, embraced by liberals and politically correct useful idiots in these last recent years.

    There are ways to fight this. Each person in the system is a singular individual, with a single identity, and they can be isolated, exposed, and made to own their actions in the court of public opinion.

    I have started my own campaign and have successfully exposed, embarrassed, and discredited such people, and am in process even now.

    You can expect to be defamed and lied about by liars, the type who would have made Goebbels proud, including the presstitutes who have their own leftist agenda and to which lying is not an issue with them.

    DO not despair, we all know Bruce is but a scapegoat but trying to scare the rest of us in snot working, it is just creating anger and despite against the agencies that enable such injustices.

  2. Norm Says:
    June 19, 2014 at 11:18 am
    I find the saddest part about the Montague situation is, although there is not the remotest connection of benefit or profit (Home and Gun Collection) as a result of Bruce’s challenging (Breaking) a Law….they will let the ball roll so that somewhere down the road, and another case, it will be used as a “Precedent” and someone else’s life will be flushed down the “Canadian Justice System Toilet”.
    Hand in hand with this is….not one Politician from any of the three Political Parties has stood up and said.. “Hey….wait a minute….This is not the intent of the Law we passed..!!!!”
    The Road goes on Forever…and the Party never ends…

    Read the complete article at:

  3. There are millions of gun owners out there. If everyone gave even a mere dollar, it would be enough to engage the politically correct useless idiot fascists of the system for years and look after Bruce and his family for the rest of his life.

    Face it, some of the system bureaucracies are fascist and embrace political correct craziness as a cult worshipper of some zany religion.

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