Why the Flood of Firearm Registration Certificates in My Mailbox?


This past week I my mailbox overflowed with firearm registration certificates for restricted firearms. I found this, to say the least, puzzling, as I’ve had no contact with the Canadian Firearms Centre for ages, nor had I purchased any firearms recently.

After checking the registration certificates against my own restricted firearms I discovered these were not for new guns but for firearms I already own.

Curious as to why the RCMP’s gun registration bureaucrats flooded my mailbox like this I phoned the Canadian Firearms Program on their toll-free number, 1-800-731-4000.

After waiting out their automated recording system a delightfully pleasant woman named Tanya answered my call.

I asked Tanya why they sent me these duplicate registrations.

After a brief silence, Tanya said she was as puzzled as I about the re-issuance of firearm registration certificates. After confirming I was who I said I was, she searched the system but could find no notes explaining this.

Being the curious type I asked if anything had changed with my license.

No, everything is good,” she replied.

We both had a good laugh at this odd situation and after wishing me a good day Tanya hung up.

If you recently received a batch of firearm registration certificates without requesting them please let me know. I’m curious if I’m a one-off situation or if the RCMP is re-issuing registration certificates on a wider scale.

You can reach me using the contact form below. (It helps cut down on spam.)



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