Knives Kill More People Annually Than Firearms. Go Figure…


In what mainstream media harpies call a mass stabbing in Calgary last week they unwittingly revealed an interesting fact: knives kill or injure more people annually than any other weapon. Yes, including those much-despised firearms folks like me, and perhaps you, own. Legally and safely, I might add.

Statistics Canada reports knives are used in one third of all homicides and homicide attempts, making it the most-used weapon annually.

I’m not minimizing the deaths of 5 innocent people in Calgary last week. Not for a second. It is a tragedy that Matthew de Grood stabbed 4 men and a woman to death for no reason, and my sincere condolences go out to the families of each one of these slain individuals.

However it’s precisely this type of tragedy legislators, supposedly our employees, use to push new (stupid and useless) legislation upon us.

In what now passes for social conscience, Twitter users called for knife bans and one Calgary knife store owner agreed, citing his support for Canada’s Firearms Act in the process.

Kevin Kent, owner of Knifewear, a Calgary shop that sells handmade Japanese chefs knives, said he supports Canada’s gun restrictions and wouldn’t be opposed to knife regulation “as long as it makes sense.”

Kevin Kent made no friends in the firearms community with that moronic utterance.

It was just such a senseless tragedy as this multiple stabbing in Calgary that ushered in Canada’s gun restrictions. Calls of “as long as it makes sense” fell on deaf ears since government, as always, must be seen to be doing something, even if it’s something useless like tracking and harassing Canada’s most law-abiding citizens.

While it would please me greatly to see Kevin Kent suffer and lose his business under stupid and useless legislation like we law-abiding firearm owners do every day, I do not support a knife registry or a knife ban. Such feel-good government interference doesn’t make any rational sense, just as it made no sense for firearms in 1995.

“I call it moral panic,” said Janne Holmgren, director for the Centre for Criminology and Justice Research at Mount Royal University. “Sometimes fear drives a lot of legislation, unfortunately.”

Very well said.

Most Canadians today believe there were no restrictions at all on firearms before the Liberal Party finally saved us from “gun violence” in 1995 with Canada’s Firearms Act.

That is simply not true. They neither “saved us” nor stopped “gun violence” as the front pages of newspapers herald repeatedly.

The Firearm Acquisition Certificate system in place before Gamil Gharbi’s anti-women tirade cost 14 female engineering students their lives cost far less and was, at a minimum, at least as effective as current legislation on firearms. I would suggest it was far more effective as local police made decisions on firearms acquisition under that system, not bureaucrats staring at computer screens in New Brunswick.

Lest any forget, we’ve registered handguns in Canada since 1934, so the Liberals’ Firearms Act didn’t change a thing for them. Handgun registration hasn’t stopped a single gang member from obtaining and using illegal handguns in 80 years, and it never will.

Criminals don’t obey laws. It’s a maxim legislators ought to have tattooed on their foreheads lest they feel the need to manufacture more criminals out of we law-abiding citizens.

A knife ban will never pass in Canada for the same reason we will never ban cars no matter how many people are killed with them: “Everybody” uses them.

It would be too much of an inconvenience to the sheeple of Canada. Like Hockey Night in Canada and Beer, there are sacred cows in this country.

Driving a vehicle and using knives are two of them, no matter how many people they kill every year.


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