No, I’m not on parole!

I had a really good chuckle last night as I was wandering through my WordPress setup here on  One of the fun things about WordPress is that you get to see how people land on your site.

Most of the search terms that land people on my site can be predicted…  the name of cops who’ve been really bad boys can be counted on for a lot of the traffic here, as can the Lawrence Manzer case in New Brunswick.. the ridiculous story of a man being charged for “weapon dangerous…” for having the audacity to protect himself, his family and his neighbours from some drunken thieves and general petty criminals.

But I digress…. (so what’s new?)

The search term that made me laugh out loud was “armani parole”.

So I figured I’d take just a moment and set the record straight for the couple of folks searching for “armani parole” who landed here…

No, I am not on parole.  I’ve never even been charged with anything.  Heck, even my last speeding ticket was a LONG time ago!

But hey, thanks for the great laugh!

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