Montreal Police Are Not Qualified To Shoot Their Duty Weapons


If you live in Montreal you ought to be afraid. Very afraid. Why? Only 250 of 4,600 Montreal Police members bothered to qualify with their duty sidearms.

Police qualification with firearms is required by law, yet only 5% of Montreal’s police force complied with that law.

So what, you ask. There are a lot of cops in Quebec, right? Yes, but give this little tidbit a few moments in your melon. More Montreal cops shoot their weapons in the line of duty than the rest of the province’s police forces combined.

It was Montreal’s Police members who shot and killed Patrick Limoges, a hospital worker, when they also shot and killed the knife-wielding and mentally ill Mario Hamel. The 2012 coroner’s inquest into the shooting death of Patrick Limoges made note of the pathetic shooting qualification compliance record of the Montreal Police.

The coroner recommended the Montreal Police Force

“take the necessary measures to ensure its police staff receive the best training conditions.”

As the Sun News Network report noted,

The qualification rate for firearms dropped in the year that followed [coroner] Brochu’s report.

Does that look like the yahoos in charge of the Montreal Police Force took the coroner’s recommendations seriously?

What will it take for anyone at Montreal Police Headquarters to deal with the fact 95% of their membership failed to comply with legislation demanding police officers qualify with their firearms annually?

Another innocent civilian inadvertently murdered by Montreal Police officers?



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