Law-Abiding Firearm Owner Rob Sciuk Responds to Conservative Fundraising Letter


May 18, 2014

Dear Mr. Walsh,

Thank you for your letter dated April 24th asking why my donations to the Conservative party have stopped after years of being considered one of the Conservative Party’s strongest and most reliable Sustaining Donors.

By way of background, Mr. Walsh, I have a university education, and work in the field of software engineering and firmware development in the Canadian high tech industry.  I read two newspapers daily, one as the antidote to the other in order to avoid editorial bias, and I have an active life with two grown children, a wife and my two dogs.

In other words, I want you to know that I am not now and never have been a single issue voter.  But I am a firearm owner, and very active in hunting and the shooting sports, including the use of restricted firearms in competition, both nationally, and internationally.

Recently, the FRT group of the RCMP prohibited two semi-automatic rifles which had previously been non-restricted, and had presented no public safety issues whatsoever.  Apparently these bureaucratic mandarins are not accountable, even to the Minister himself.

My concerns also extend to Mr. Harper’s promise to repeal the entirety of the Liberal’s Canadian Firearms Act, and his decidedly ill-considered approach to ending only the long gun registry.  We are left with a set of regulations and laws in place which will inevitably lead to the confiscation of each and every firearm in Canada within a generation or so, right under the noses of Parliament, and that was what the Canadian Firearms Act was designed to do from the outset.

Newly introduced sections 91 and 92 of the Criminal Code of Canada make the simple possession of a firearm a criminal offense.  The prior regime required did not require a federal license to continually own firearms, but rather a certificate only to obtain one.  This afforded each and every reasonable public safety measure that is attributed to the license (background checks, training, spousal/parental permissions, letters of recommendation, and a mechanism for revocation).

Now, with the expiration of a license, a mere temporal lapse means the difference between me being declared a criminal, subject to the very same mandatory minimum sentences the CONSERVATIVES adopted, without consideration as to whether the so-called criminal actually committed a crime, or simply was made one by the lapse of paperwork.  The laws that the CONSERVATIVES passed make no distinction.

While the Conservatives have performed admirably in many respects, not the least of which financially, and particularly in the light of the recent global economic downturn, I find myself not as trusting in the Conservative agenda, as I once was.

I am extremely disappointed in the fact that the government has allowed bad laws to stand, and instead offering one temporary amnesty after another to keep erstwhile law-abiding citizens out of jail for the crime of simply owning the firearms that they had for generations.

Literally hundreds of thousands of Canadians are now with lapsed licenses, and face criminal sentences in federal prisons. Enough with the damn amnesties.

Arrest each and every one of them or change the stupid laws!

Indeed Sir, the Conservatives have used responsible shooters badly. We have supported you for years, steadfast and  unswerving in our support, and now you have the absolute gall to ask your strongest segment of support why that support might be wavering, having left us in the cold, and one step away from being declared criminals.

Indeed a mere suspicion results in immediate loss of property and ruinous defense costs in the judicial process, which is for the most part, the punishment.

As for my support, Mr Walsh, it is withheld until such time as the real problem, the firearm law and its pursuant regulations are repaired.

I would expect that the ability for nameless bureaucrats to confiscate my property without recourse or accountability would be eliminated, and their ability to enact such creeping confiscation would end forthwith.

In addition, in keeping with a liberal democracy, Parliamentary oversight would be required before any property would be banned from ownership, and that the right for responsible individuals to retain arms for any legitimate purpose, including self-defense to be recognized and respected.

Until such time, you might consider me to be a former supporter, both financially, and at the polls.

While I regret this turn of events, I have no choice but to take this position, and to widely encourage others to do the same.

Given that I am technically inclined, this is a simple message to disseminate widely, and I’m sure that you will not be surprised to learn that it is an increasingly popular position among the Conservative formerly faithful firearms owners.

We feel that we have been treated badly, and indeed, Sir, we have!


Robert S. Sciuk
Oshawa, Ont.

2 thoughts on “Law-Abiding Firearm Owner Rob Sciuk Responds to Conservative Fundraising Letter

  1. WOW!! very well written, I totally agree with everything said.
    I too am not going to vote fore any party that will not clean up the Firearms Act immediately.
    My license is currently being renewed, but I strongly expect to become a criminal shortly after my birth date as I believe that the renewal will not be completed by then as was two of my fellow collectors here in B.C.
    At this point I’m not sure how I will handle it if the authorities (RCMP) come
    to my house to take my fire arms and arrest me…

  2. Bud & others: yes, your license renewal will not be processed before your current license lapses, if my experience with the BC CFO is any indication.
    I mailed my license renewal well in advance of the expiry date, and noted on their website that it was recorded as received several weeks before the expiry date. The expiry date came and went, and no change from “your application is in process” on their web site. Numerous phone calls and checking in on the web site to see if any progress was made, but to make a long story short, it took them 7 months to process my renewal. And no, I do not have a criminal record or any other valid reason that would prevent me from possessing the firearms I have possessed legally and peaceably for the past 40 years. The whole time I was technically in criminal possession of all my firearms as I was not the holder of a ‘valid’ firearms license. I was literally in fear that the RCMP swat team would knock down my door at night, terrorize my wife, shoot my dog, and drag me off to jail while they ransacked my home and confiscated all my firearms, and anything else they wanted to. This is not the Canada I was brought up in.

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