Families of Slain Robbers Threaten to Sue Man who Killed Robbers While Defending Himself

“He was such a good boy! He didn’t deserve to die!”Parents-In-Denial-Sale

“Robbing a convenience store shouldn’t be a death sentence!”

“He had no right to kill my boy. He was a good boy!”

Bla bla bla.

If he was such a good boy, why did he rob a store at gunpoint, and then threaten an innocent shopper outside the store he just robbed?

It’s a simple question.

The answer is a lot more complicated, of course. As the Bible tells us in Romans 3:10, “As it is written: ‘There is none righteous, no, not one;’” meaning that good people do bad things all the time.

It’s in our nature.

The harsh reality for the families of the two slain armed robbers is that Actions Have Consequences. If you rob a store with a gun, odds are you will pay steep consequences for that choice.

This all unfolded at Krick’s Korner Store in Reading, Pennsylvania. A private citizen walking down the street saw two men inside the store pointing firearms at the store clerk. He immediately called 9-1-1 to report the armed robbery in progress. Then the two armed criminals exited the store and threatened him.

He shot them both dead.

A third suspect was arrested a short time later. He wisely did not resist arrest.

[William] had no right to lose his life over something that man could have called the police for,said Virginia Medina, mother of slain armed-robber William Medina. “He took the law into his own hands and walked away scot-free.

Uh, no, that is not what happened.

He DID call the police. Only after your thug son threatened his life did this civilian defend himself, meeting your son’s lethal force with his own. He acted in self-defense. There is a difference.

Reading Police Department Sgt. John Solecki said in an interview with local media,

He saw the first suspect with his arms extended, holding a large revolver, and he looked and saw a second suspect, also with his arms extended.

Alexander Garcia-Bialek, the would-be getaway driver, was charged Tuesday with second degree murder and conspiracy.

He was charged as an accomplice because he was involved in the planning of this robbery where they targeted that store,” said Solecki.

Keith Heckman, commenting on this story, wrote:

Let’s get this straight America. “Good boys” don’t point guns and rob people. Good boys shoot the guys that rob people.


If getting shot down like a dog in the street isn’t on your Bucket List, then don’t rob stores at gunpoint.

You should also avoid pointing weapons at individuals willing to stand up to thieving thugs like William Medina and Robert De Carr.

Actions Have Consequences.

Now there are three words to live by…

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