Leah McHenry: Canada’s Celtic Rock Secret


Last week I wrote about Celtic Rocker Leah McHenry, her dedication to liberty, and her amazing music in my article “Celtic Rocker Leah McHenry: The Homeschooling, Gun-Loving, Metal Mama“. A number of people wrote to thank me for bringing this fascinating woman and her music to their attention.

If you haven’t checked out her music, or if you didn’t read the interview with Leah McHenry in last week’s edition of Canadian Rights and Freedom Bulletin I would encourage you to do so. She’s quite the woman.

After writing last week’s article I stumbled across a 30-minute interview of Leah McHenry on Anarcast.com. While the interviewer, Jeff Berwick, tried pinning Leah down with the “anarchist” label Leah would not let that characterization stand. She defines herself as a libertarian instead.

The interview covers a wide variety of topics, including Christianity and Anarchism, marriage, government, homeschooling and becoming a successful musician from home.

One of the facebook comments on the interview said:

Watch this and tell me: wouldn’t you want solid people like her and (so I assume) her family nearby if
a zombie apocalypse was going on? LOL

From my interview with Leah last week on the topic of Guns, Self-Defense and “Gun Control”:

I am among those who believe the right to defend your own life and the lives of your family is indisputable, and a right given by God. One only needs to spend a few minutes studying history to see the pattern of gun control leading to dictatorship and ultimately the mass slaughter of those people from whom they took the guns.

Independent liberty-loving musicians like Leah McHenry both need and deserve our financial support.

As of today Leah’s IndieGogo.com fundraiser is just under $4,000 away from reaching her goal and funding her next Celtic Metal album.

If you haven’t given to this worthy cause yet, please check out her music, then contribute to making Leah McHenry’s dream come true. She offers some pretty interesting rewards for those who support her, and there are only 10 days left for her to reach her goal of $25,000.

If she doesn’t raise the entire $25,000 then Leah McHenry doesn’t get a dime. Please help me ensure that does not happen!

Yours in Liberty,


Support Independent Music

Leah-sword-smallLeah McHenry is an independent musician. She is a gifted musician and a talented singer. She is precisely the type of person I believe in supporting so she can achieve her goals.

In Leah’s case her current goal is to raise $25,000 to finance the production of her next album. If you listen to her music, as I did, I am sure you will agree she is worthy of your support.

What I appreciate about Leah’s fundraising efforts is she believes, as I do, that when you give to a cause you get something in return.

Leah has some amazingly creative rewards for anyone who supports her IndieGogo.com fundraiser.

  • Donate $10 and receive a digital download of the new album before the release date.
  • Donate $15 and receive a personally-autographed photo card in the mail, as well as a digital download of the new album before the release date.
  • Donate $20 and download every song Leah has ever recorded. It’s a LONG list!
  • Donate $50 and receive a singed copy of Leah’s new CD and a newly-designed Leah T-Shirt, along with a digital download of her new album.
  • Donate $100 and receive signed copies of her two previous CDs, a singed copy of the NEW CD, a Leah T-Shirt, signed photo card and a digital download of all Leah’s music.
  • Donate $300 and Leah will record a cover of any song you want. Then she’ll post it on YouTube and dedicate it to you!
  • Donate $500 and Leah will write an original song just for you. Just name your subject matter and she will do the rest.
  • Donate $1,000 and you get pretty much everything except the cover and original songs. Plus you’ll receive lifetime VIP passes to all future Leah shows in your area.

Leah has done an amazing job of fundraising so far, but she has only 2 weeks left to reach her goal of $25,000. As of today she is just $6,000 from her goal.

Help Leah cross the finish line! Send your financial support today through http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/full-length-leah-album

Check out Leah’s music at these sites, then financially support Leah’s new full-length album, even if you give only $10.

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