Making a Political Impact Takes a Personal Touch

Form Letters Don’t Cut It With Politicians

Human beings are, by nature, lazy. That’s why form letters and petitions appeal to us. We want to do as little as possible yet feel like we’ve accomplished a lot.

It’s even worse when it’s an email form letter or an online petition. These methods of contact simply don’t bear the results we want. They tend to do the opposite.

Far too often we forget that the people who open the mail at a politician’s office and the politicians themselves are real, air-breathing, food-eating, flesh and blood human beings. Believe it or not every one of these folks have feelings, just like us.

They don’t want to read angry or threatening letters, and they certainly don’t want to read the SAME angry and threatening letter hundreds of times. And so they won’t. They will simply toss them in the trash or, if forced by some rule or regulation, dump them into a file and ignore them for all time.

Not exactly the response we want, is it?

No, it’s not.

We want our politicians and the people who work for them to be OPEN to our communications, not openly hostile to them.

That means something terrible for we mere citizens.

We must actually do something… and something more than the bare minimum.

We must write our OWN letter in our OWN language, ideally in our own handwriting, and send THAT letter off by Canada Post.

Will that cost us some time?


Will it cost us a few pennies for the envelope and paper.

You bet.

Will it be far more effective than a form letter?


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