Conservatives “Tough On Crime” Agenda – The trouble is not with that, but their definition of crime

Rob Sciuk, writing on the Canadian Firearms Digest recently, spelled out the problem we small-c conservatives have with the “Conservative-in-name-only” government currently running our nation.

conservative_logoThe Conservative Party of Canada ran another fundraising campaign in December with a goal of raising $2 million before the end of 2013. They targeted a lot of gun owners and former Conservative Party faithful in their quest for the contents of our wallets, including a missive from Minister of Public Safety Steven Blaney.

Rob Sciuk’s response was priceless.

“Tough on crime is one thing. The definition of crime is quite another. Section 91/92 of the CCC was introduced by the Liberals to criminalize simple possession of a firearm, and this remains on the books. We need to revert to the FAC system to respect the responsibilities of the provinces, the presumption of innocence of law abiding firearm owners, and to make right this unjust travesty. Being tough on crime is one thing, but criminalizing law abiding firearm owners for the expiration of a piece paper is another. This law is an ass! Not one more cent from me until you fix this situation.”

That seems to be the popular consensus among gun owners.

“We may have to vote for you, but we don’t have to financially support you.”

It is a dangerous road for the Conservative Party of Canada.


It’s a very short step from holding one’s nose and voting for the only party who is not actively hostile to gun owners… to simply not voting at all.

A lot of Conservative ridings depend on the gun owner vote, whether they want to admit it to themselves or not.

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