RCMP Sex Offender Hypocrisy – Where their sex offenders cannot be named but civilians can

RCMP-LogoThe miniscule headline buried on page A8 of the Province Newspaper read simply “Mountie suspended.” You can be forgiven for not bothering to read the single column inch of text below given that headline, but that text reveals two atrocious facts.

First, that the media and the RCMP are complicit in hiding the name and photograph of sex offenders when they wear the RCMP Red Serge.

Second, that the RCMP itself is in dire need of a total overhaul of its recruitment methodology.

The pathetic three-sentence article reads:

“A Sidney/North Saanich RCMP officer is facing child pornography charges in relation to alleged offenses in Colwood. The officer, who was not named, has been suspended. Investigators are recommending one charge for possession of child pornography and one charge for production of child pornography. He will appear in Western Communities court on Feb. 20.”

That’s it.

Now contrast that with “regular” sex offenders.

A quick web search using the term “BC sex offender” reveals 4 stories where both police and press eagerly publish both the names and photographs of the alleged sex offenders.

Don’t misunderstand… I’m not saying that’s necessarily wrong.  I’m saying there is a double-standard when it comes to reporting on crimes committed by sex offenders simply because there is a yellow stripe down their leg.  

They should not get a free pass just because they are cops.

If we’re going to identify sex offenders and publish their photos then we must be consistent.

Identify ALL sex offenders or identify none of them.

And for the love of God will you folks at the RCMP recruiting station please do your homework?  I’m sick of the RCMP’s thugs, pedophiles and sex offenders making the news simply because you folks won’t do your job.

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