Edmonton Police Service Constable Adam Kube Refused Any Appeal In His Termination for Corrupt Practices

Edmonton Police Service logoEdmonton Police Service Constable Adam Kube was found guilty of corrupt practices and fired.  He appealed his dismissal to the Law Enforcement Review Board and that decision went against him too.  Just as it should.

“It has been said that, for a police officer, the penalty of dismissal is the ultimate penalty, but, even with this in mind, we conclude that the Presiding Officer’s decision to impose that penalty is within the bounds of acceptable, reasonable, outcomes on the facts and law before him,” the board stated in a written decision.

In 2011 Constable Adam Kube sold a motorcycle to a woman, then he cancelled his insurance policy for the motorcycle.  The woman was pulled over for a traffic violation shortly thereafter and she called Kube to help her.

He did.

He shouldn’t have.

It seems Kube wanted a personal relationship with the woman and was willing to put his career on the line to make it happen.  That was a very poor choice.

The internal police hearing found that in August 2011 Kube sold his motorcycle to a woman and then cancelled his insurance policy. He received a confirmation of the cancellation and put it away with the original insurance card.

When the woman who bought the motorcycle was pulled over in a traffic stop on Oct. 22, 2011, she called Kube, who soon arrived at the scene. He provided the cancelled insurance card to one of the police officers at the scene and identified himself as a police officer in an effort to prevent the woman from receiving a ticket for riding without insurance, Mark Logar, the hearing’s presiding officer, found.

This is not the kind of conduct we want in our police men and women.  We rightfully expect them to act with integrity, not lies and deceit.

In attempting to pass off a cancelled insurance card as valid he proved he does not have the requisite moral fibre to be a cop.  Crying that he loves being a cop and all this is so unfair only adds to the list of reasons why Adam Kube should no longer be an Edmonton Police Service member.

He loves being a police officer and he was good at it,” his mother, Janice Kube, said. “We’re very upset that this happened, and upset at the process.”

Upset at the process?  Give me a break.  Adam Kube’s own actions started this ball rolling.  He has only himself to blame.

As for being “upset that this happened”, perhaps Janice Kube ought to place the blame squarely where it belongs: on her son and his disgraceful conduct.  Instead she insists on playing into her son’s sense of victimhood instead of demanding he be a man and take responsibility for his actions.

This is our taxpayer dollars that are going down the drain instead of being used in other ways,” she said.


Where’s my barf bag?

Using our tax dollars to get rid of corrupt cops seems like a darned good way of using taxpayer dollars, not one we should be ashamed of.

That Edmonton has fired 4 bad cops in the past few months is a good thing.  It lends much-needed credibility to the Edmonton Police Service’s claim they are finally cleaning up their act.

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