Toronto City Police Officer in Afghanistan pays tribute to Sgt. Ryan Russell

I was wandering through the Toronto Police Service website last night and came across this article that really touched me.

Jeff Alderdice is a member of the Toronto Police Service.  He’s currently on a tour of duty in Afghanistan, stationed at the American Base at Walton, outside of Kandahar City.

When he heard the news about Sgt. Ryan Russell’s death at the hands of a snowplow thief, he had to do something.  He approached the commander of the base, Lt. Col. James Hayes, and asked for permission to fly the Toronto Police Service flag at half mast.

James granted permission, of course.  I mean, who wouldn’t in that situation, right?

“Being the only Toronto police officer at this base left me with very few options to express my personal grief and condolence,” Alderdice said.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“I hope that this gesture will let the family know that we, including our coalition allies, are mindful of the great loss.”

What impressed me most was that Alderdice even HAD a Toronto Police Service flag with him in the first place.

My thanks to TPS for letting us know about one man’s effort, half a world away, to show he cares.

It’s nice to have some good news come out of the Toronto Police Service for a change, even if it is in the wake of some really BAD news…  the death of  Sgt. Russell.

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4 thoughts on “Toronto City Police Officer in Afghanistan pays tribute to Sgt. Ryan Russell

  1. Christopher, I am the Toronto Officer in the picture on your site. Thank you for your kind words and support. I had no idea the photo would garner so much attention. Just so you know, there are 8 other Toronto Police Officers serving here in Afghanistan at various locations. We all feel the same about the loss of one of our brothers. As do the many other service persons within the coalition forces and Afghan Police as well.

    Thank you again for you support.

    Sgt. Jeff Alderdice
    attached to,
    1-4 Infantry, U.S. Army,
    Kandahar, Afghanistan

  2. You’re very welcome Jeff. Thanks for letting me know there are 8 other Toronto City Police members overseas too. The TCP website indicated you were the only one, and we sure don’t want to forget the others serving overseas!

    A question, since you’ve been so kind to respond to my blog post… how is it that you had a TCP flag with you?

  3. The Service was kind enough to allow some of us to take Toronto Police memorabilia with us to foster relations with our coalition partners and the Afghan National Police we are training here. I was lucky enough to get a flag which will be returned to the TPS for display now that it has been flown. On a more sombre note it was also meant for official purposes in the event one of us had to be repatriated.

    Sorry to end on such a note but that is always a reality here.

    Best wishes,

    Jeff Alderdice

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