Two Self-Defense Cases End with Prison Term for homeowner in one, offender in other

warning-shot-logoWhen faced with a trespassing criminal, Canada’s laws on the use of force to repel criminals on our own property are still a terrifying mess. Firing a warning shot is deemed legal in Saskatchewan but criminal in Ontario.

Both cases involve elderly Canadians who fired warning shots to scare away criminals.

In the case of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, resident Hugh Lindholm the correct result occurred. The criminal trespasser and would-be home invader is the one who went to jail, just as he should.

In the case of Paris, Ontario, resident Frank Meszaros, however, the result was completely different. Instead of the two criminals trespassing on his land being sent to prison it is Mr. Meszaros who is now serving a 1 year mandatory minimum sentence for assault with a deadly weapon.

His appeal was one of 5 cases the Ontario Court of Appeals ruled on this past November regarding mandatory minimum sentences. Unfortunately for Mr. Meszaros, he lives in the province of Ontario where the government is vehemently anti-self-defense and the judiciary sides with Crown prosecutors on a regular and predictable basis.

It is only in a tiny fraction of cases where Ontario prosecutors have lost in their bid to incarcerate the victims of crime instead of the criminal offenders.

Toronto grocer David Chen was finally exonerated after a lengthy trial when he dared apprehend a criminal who repeatedly stole from him (while police routinely ignored his 911 calls) and held said criminal until police arrived.

Firearm instructor Ian Thomson was finally acquitted after a lengthy and expensive trial after he fired warning shots over the heads of the 3 masked men trying to kill him by burning down his home with Thomson inside it.

Let us not forget former Ontario gunsmith Bruce Montague who dared challenge Canada’s firearm laws on Constututional grounds. For his valiant defense of Freedom Mr. Montague spent 18 months in prison and the Ontario government is now stealing his family home under Ontario’s proceeds of crime legislation.

Frank Meszaros wrote to me recently, just prior to the decision in his appeal. He knew that if the decision went against him he would not have an opportunity to speak with me again and sadly, he was correct. On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Mr. Meszaros was led away in handcuffs to serve a 1 year sentence for the crime of defending his property, his wife and himself from two drunken criminals trespassing on his land.

His wife of 42 years, Pat Meszaros, wrote me after the judgment was posted online to let me know what had happened.



I know that you have been corresponding with my husband, Frank. Last Tuesday the judgement on his appeal was announced. Unfortunately it went against Frank and he has now begun to serve his sentence. He has asked me to forward a copy of the judgement to you. (Read the entire ruling here in PDF format).

Pat Meszaros


Were it not for the shotgun he used to fire that warning shot the two criminals would almost certainly have beaten the 65-year-old severely, yet it is the elderly homeowner and husband of 42 years that the Ontario government believes should be imprisoned.

This is a repulsive decision that brings the entire justice system into disrepute.

When the rights of good and decent citizens like Frank Meszaros are trampled in the rush to protect the drunken criminals who trespassed on his land I can only conclude that awful smell is the stench of our previous Rights and Freedoms rotting away in Ontario courtrooms.

If you would like to write to Frank Meszaros and offer him your moral support. I know he would be very grateful for your letters. Please write to him at:

Frank Meszaros
c/o 105 Market St.
Brantford, ON
N3T 6A9

Below is Frank’s original letter to me,just prior to his being carted away to an Ontario prison.


Dear Christopher,

My name is Frank Meszaros, I am a retired Business Owner, 65 Years old, married to the same Lady for 42 years, a Father of Three Lovely Daughters and a Grand Father to four lovely Children. We have lived in the Country since 1973 on Rest Acres Road, just South of the Beautiful Town of Paris, Ontario.

My life includes many Wonderful people with whom we have enjoyed the Great outdoors of Canada, Hunting, Fishing, Golfing and Traveling for the past 50 years or so.

My last traffic ticket was back in 1976.

I have lived a 5-1/2 year nightmare that may or may not come to an end based on the 5 Ontario Appeal Judges opinion to be rendered on Tuesday morning November 12, 2013.

The short version of my experience is not totally unlike Ian Thompson’s except the fact that amongst the many (18 or so) Firearms Charges was hidden “Assault with a Weapon” that I was convicted of that carries a mandatory 1 year Jail time. All for Firing a round in the Air to stop 2 Thieves who were Poaching Fish out of my Stocked Trout Pond.

Neither of them were prosecuted for any charges where charges against me and subsequent prosecution and conviction was based on them lying to the Police about being shot thereby bringing into play the OPP SWAT Team invading our property and Arresting me at Gunpoint.

I have lived in hell for almost 5-1/2 years and about to find out shortly whether there is any common sense in the Ontario Legal system.

Up to this point I have intentionally stayed out of the public eye, wanting to trust the system; unfortunately what we are finding is horribly revolting to all Law Abiding landowners.

To date our Legal Bills has cost our Family close to $100,000.00 and for me, a Criminal Record for life.

My experience needs to be told so others may learn about how the Ontario legal system works or not, so they may avoid falling in the same trap as was set for me.

I would appreciate any help that you may wish to provide.


Frank Meszaros


Again I would urge you to write Frank Meszaros and offer him your moral support and encouragement. I know he would be very grateful for your letters. Please write to him at:

Frank Meszaros
c/o 105 Market St.
Brantford, ON
N3T 6A9

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