December 6th – A Day Dedicated to Hating Men & blaming them for the acts of one Muslim lunatic

I can’t speak for you, but I’m getting tired of the annual festival of hatred against men sparked by the heinous and misogynist killing spree committed by Gamil Gharbi.

Most people don’t know that name because the mainstream media refuses to use the name of the murderer up until two years before his killing spree at l’Ecolle Polytechnique. They prefer to use his “Canadian” name to make it easier to hide the true roots of the crazed woman-hating murderer.


I refuse to use that other name. It’s hypocritical and denies the facts. Thankfully, I’m not alone in this opinion.

From Ghost of a

Another calculated fallacy indulged by conniving fembot totalists is calling the Montreal mass killer “Marc Lepine” and leading us to believe he was a typical Quebecois Habitant lad. His real name was Gamil Gharbi, the son of Algerian immigrant Rachid Liass Gharbi and Canadian Monique Lépine. He spent much of his early childhood (developing years) in Costa Rica and Puerto Rico.

He grew up in a strict fundamentalist Mid-eastern culture home environment where Gamil’s father showed contempt for women and believed that they were only intended to serve men. He was verbally and physically abusive to his wife and children.

He discouraged tenderness between mother and child, as he considered it spoiling. THIS was the culturally conditioned misogynist
malevolence that was unleashed at L’ecole Politenique… it sure as hell was not normative North American male values which spawned Gamil’s hatred of women…it was cultural and family conditioning but it did not come from a typical Canadian culture or family.

Canadian men have been unjustly scapegoated for the actions of a madman from a misogynist family culture … I refuse to branded as a contemporary of Gamil Gharbi simply by the coincidence of my sex.

Well said.


2 thoughts on “December 6th – A Day Dedicated to Hating Men & blaming them for the acts of one Muslim lunatic

  1. his name was marc not gamil you disrespectful piece of shit. Do you not realize he died trying to make the country a better place for you as a man? you must have a slit, because any self respecting MAN would not let himself be oppressed by cunts.

    1. Wow…. sure wouldn’t want to be a woman anywhere near you! And the name he was born with was Gamil Gharbi. Don’t like that? Tough. Truth sucks sometimes. And if you interpret what I wrote as saying that I’d willing to “let himself be oppressed by cunts” then you’re really not very bright. But then you hide behind a silly name on the internet too…

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