I never thought I’d agree with anything Bill Blair said


I never thought there would ever be a day where I could agree with anything that comes out of Bill Blair’s deceitful and self-serving mouth.

Turns out I was wrong.  Here’s the statement I agree with, although even in this statement, Blair is more concerned about himself than he is about the fallen officer’s family. Is it wrong to call a man despicable and self-obsessed when he’s at least pretending to do the right thing?

“This is a very tragic day for the city of Toronto and the Toronto Police Service,” Chief Blair said.

It’s in regard to the death of Toronto Police Service Sergeant Ryan Russell, who worked in 52 Division.

Sgt. Russell was struck and killed by someone in a stolen snowplow.  According to witness reports, he didn’t go willingly, firing his service weapon at least once, and probably more at the man who killed him.

It’s a very sad day for Sgt. Russell’s wife and young son, who now have to learn to live without a husband and a father. All because some a**hole figured he had a right to someone else’s property and was willing to kill to keep it.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Sgt. Russell’s widow and son.

What a lousy way for their New Year to begin.

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