Petty Bureaucrats and their Crushing Need to Micro-Manage Our Lives

Petty bureaucrats come in all shapes, sizes and powers, as does their pathetic need to micro-manage every aspect of our lives.

One doesn’t need to work for government to be a bureaucrat. They infest every corporation, large and small. They’ve even infested our homes, believe it or not.

Today’s offensive one is a former member of the strata council of a BC townhouse complex who simply can’t help himself.  He must inflict his will on his neighbours no matter the cost.

Ah yes, Bureaucrat’s Rule Number One –  the rules are more important than people…

Not only does this townhouse site have strict rules on when Christmas lights may be placed, their wannabe enforcer of “The Rules” is ensuring that none of these “mere citizens” disobey the asinine strata bylaw by hanging the offending lighting devices “too early.”

The strata council bylaws currently state Christmas lights “shall not be hung” any earlier than December 1st and must be taken down no later than January 15th.

The petty one went so far as photographing the Christmas Light “Offenders” and sending the images to the entire strata council along with his distressing note.

I noticed a few houses last night that seem to have put up Christmas lights a little early. They were 6, 13 and 75. Unit 49 had up Christmas decorations, unfortunately like Halloween we do not have any restrictions on early decorations. I have attached pictures.

Distressed, apparently, at the lack of “restrictions” on Halloween decorations this mewling kitten is taking it upon himself to ensure no Christmas joy happens earlier than allowed by his precious strata council bylaws.

Some folks desperately need to get a life.  This petty individual certainly falls into that category.

Here are photos of those heinous Christmas Offenders:

photo 3

photo 2

photo 5

If you know of any other examples of mindless and heartless bureaucratic interference with that most heinous of holidays otherwise known as Christmas, please let me know!

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