I spell hypocrite this way: I-G-N-A-T-I-E-F-F

It’s truly mind-blowing how arrogant and hypocritical Liberal Leader Michael Igiatieff is.  I mean really… he spouts off about how fantastic Canada’s “gun control” system is, all the while hiding behind his armed bodyguards.

How do you know Michael Ignatieff is lying?

His lips are moving.

The shooting tragedy in Tucson Arizona is serving to be a political football here in Canada, not just south of the border.  But Ignetieff isn’t making it “gun control” political, just to be clear.  He’d never do that.  Yes, he actually said this.

And it redoubles my party’s conviction that we need absolutely solid gun control and our party has been very clear about this and other parties have not. I don’t want to make this a big political issue. I’m just telling you that (that) is a clear conclusion I draw from those tragic events.

Let’s put aside the fact that his entire reason for speaking to the media was to make “gun control” a political issue.  Let’s talk about what happened in Tucson, Arizona, and I’ll show you why Ignatieff is full of s**t, because not only CAN it happen here in Canada, it’s ALREADY happened here in Canada.  Ignetieff just ignores those events because they don’t fit his distorted view of reality.

A crazed person took a firearm into a crowded public area and shot a lot of people. Most tragically (not that any one life is more important than another, but) was the death of a young girl, only 9 years old.

He killed some, severely wounded others.

Why?  We’ll never know.  Loony-left politicians are quick to blame everyone but themselves.  That’s predictable, if ignorant and rude.

What happened in Tucson is a tragedy.  Let’s be clear about.  But Canada’s “gun control” scheme couldn’t have prevented it.  It hasn’t prevented it.  Let’s be clear about that too.

In 2009 the lower mainland of British Columbia was subjected to public shootings on a regular basis.  In the suburb for Langley, for example, armed thugs shot up the parking lot of Langley’s IGA store at 4pm… broad daylight, on February 6th.  Police say that 40 shots were fired as one group of men tried to kill a man as he got into his truck.  Witnesses reported a man was standing in the parking lot firing a handgun at the truck.

“What I can confirm is that high-power weapons were utilitized … The suspects involved in the shooting certainly had significant firearms at their disposal,” RCMP spokesman Cpl. Peter Thiessen said.

Last time I read Canada’s Firearms Act, there are absolutely no provisions for taking a loaded handgun to the grocery store, let alone shooting that loaded handgun at another human being.  Guess I must have missed that section, because Michael Ignetieff remains awfully smug about how superior Canada’s “gun control” scheme is, not to mention how superior he is himself.

The same week as the shooting outside Langley’s IGA store, there were three other shootings.  Raphael Baldini was murdered while he sat in his vehicle in the parking lot of Surrey’s Guilford Town Center Mall.  The time?  5pm.  A few hours later Brianna Kinnear was found shot dead in her vehicle in Coquitlam.  And James Erickson was found shot to death in a Surrey apartment.

Just last month, in early December, 10 people were shot in a running gun battle that spanned several blocks of an Oak Street neighbourhood.  Six men and three women were taken to hospital.  The tenth shooting victim refused treatment.

Evidence markers could be seen outside two restaurants in particular. Yellow police tape cordoned off numerous blocks, quieting a typically busy stretch of Oak Street, a mix of commercial establishments and apartment buildings.

But Michael Ignatieff, hiding behind his own armed bodyguards, says Canadians are safe because of Canada’s “gun control” scheme.

Were these crazed killers like the one in Tucson?  No.  They were violent criminals known to police, and many with criminal records.  Exactly the kind of people that Canada’s “gun control” scheme claims to keep guns away from.

News Flash: It doesn’t.  Violent criminals have more guns than you and I will ever imagine.  And they’re completely willing to use them in broad daylight in crowded malls with no regard for the lives of the innocent people in their path.

I’ve got a few words of advice for Mr. Ignatieff.

Climb down from your Ivory Tower and get in touch with what’s actually happening in Canada.  It’s the very least you should do, given your oft-stated desire to run the country.

And if you can’t do that, then at least do us all one small favour.  Shut your mouth.

It’s pretty clear that you have no idea what you’re talking about.

But it made for a great photo op, didn’t it?

Piles of dead bodies usually do that for politicians like Michael Ignatieff.

It’s disgusting.

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