School bus driver charged for carrying a gun

It’s a weird story.  I haven’t really known what to think about the case that was first reported about a week ago.  January 6th, to be exact.

A bus driver in the small town of Lawrence, Manitoba, about 300 kilometers northwest of Winnipeg, was caught with a handgun on him while he was driving the school bus.

Something is wrong, clearly.

The only question is what?

I mean, either the bus driver has lost his marbles, or the kids in this rural community are really scary, or someone’s out to get this guy and he’s scared enough to start carrying a gun.

Since it’s all but impossible for the average Canadian to get an Authorization To Carry, it’s a safe bet to say this guy didn’t have one.

Some kids managed to catch sight of the handgun, which is how the bus driver got caught.  As soon as they got to school they reported it to school staff, who called the RCMP.

With all the madness that goes on these days, who can blame them.  The last thing we need, the last thing anyone needs, is another school shooting.

“There was no indication that there was any criminal intent or anything, however … a school bus is not the place for any type of firearm and no matter who has it, it certainly poses a safety issue and we take that extremely seriously and, of course, dealt with it as soon as we were made aware,” said RCMP spokesperson Const. Miles Hiebert.

RCMP say there was no criminal intent,but it does leave questions, doesn’t it?   Like, why the RCMP won’t say if the handgun was loaded.  How do they know so quickly there was no criminal intent?  The guy was released the same day, so it’s pretty clear they don’t think he’s a threat.

So why carry a handgun on a school bus?  We’ll probably never know the answer to that question.

The bus driver is scheduled to appear in court in late February to face a few firearms charges.  Shocking.

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