Government Soldiers Murder More Citizens

Whenever anyone says that guns in the hands of civilians are a problem, I wonder if they live very sheltered lives.  Here in North America we truly do exist in a vacuum.  We think that the world’s problems cannot reach us, despite 9/11 and other atrocities proving that head-in-the-sand attitude quite wrong.

In Columbia some kids were getting sick from the drinking water.  Turns out there was a reason why… the water was contaminated with the rotting corpses of over 2,000 bodies in a mass grave upstream.

Naturally, the government claims the bodies are of guerilla fighters killed over a 7 year span from 2002-2009.

Others aren’t so sure.  Two human rights organizations,
Comision de Derechos Homanos del Bajo Ariari and Colectivo Orlando Fals Borda,
believe the bodies are those of trade unionists and rural activists, groups the government wanted gone. Countries like Columbia aren’t the slightest bit shy about “removing” those it finds problematic, regardless of the reason.

If ever there is a reason for firearms in civilian hands, this is it.  For preventing your own murder at the hands of your own government.

For all of you who think this can never happen in Canada, or in America, you really need to learn some history.  Both nations were all too happy to take their Japanese citizens, steal their private property and toss them in concentration camps.  By God’s good graces alone, we didn’t take the next step and murder them all.

But we almost did.

For more on this atrocity, read the original article.


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