ATTENTION High River Residents – Essential Information Required!

The Canadian Shooting Sports Association (CSSA) sends its best wishes to the residents of High River, Alberta at this difficult time. Some of you will be facing the most dreaded of problem a family can have – the prospect of losing homes and property.

As you are permitted to return to your homes, the CSSA has a special request to those who may have had firearms confiscated by the RCMP in your absence.

We need to know your story.

Information RequiredWe are looking for evidence that indicates the police orchestrated a raiding party to collect your firearms. Your firearms were already in a location locked-down by police who wouldn’t allow you near your own home, let alone would-be thieves.

  • We need to know if the RCMP cherry-picked homes where guns might have been present.
  • We need to know if they took your guns.
  • We also need to know if you had guns in the house that weren’t removed, and why.
  • How were they stored?
  • Did police break into your home?
  • Can you imagine why they chose your home?
  • If they took firearms, have they been returned?
  • Have you heard of charges being laid in High River as a result of the confiscations?

These are the kinds of things we need to know, along with any other information you think is relevant. We will keep your information confidential if you wish, and will not share your identity without your express permission.

If you are a responsible firearms owner implicated in the High River flood, please contact us. Your predicament presents a rare set of circumstances that could prove what the CSSA has suspected for decades. You could help us prove that the RCMP has a hidden agenda to disarm Canadians.

Please email us as soon as possible at or call our Toronto head office toll-free at 1-888-873-4339.

Thank you!


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