High River RCMP Looters are CRIMINALS and must be treated as such IMMEDIATELY


RCMP members and commanders in High River, Alberta, are the worst kind of criminals imaginable.  They lay in wait for you until you are at your most vulnerable before they rape and pillage your belongings and then demand YOU pick up the tab for their thievery and destruction.

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it.

It is.

The more articles I read describing what these RCMP criminals did the angrier I become.

Yes, they are criminals.  They broke into people’s homes, stole their property and left.  That is a criminal act any way you cut it.

burglarThese RCMP thieves and looters… I really cannot call them anything else… readily admit they broke into people’s homes after they, the RCMP, evacuated the town.

He (RCMP Sgt. Brian Topham) did confirm that officer relied on forced entry to get into numerous houses during the early stages of the flood because of an “urgent need”.

What an utterly absurd statement.

Urgent need???

They already evacuated the town. What possible “urgent need” could there be to break into people’s homes and search them, illegally search them without a warrant let me remind you, for firearms?

Which homes did they search?  Every home?  Or did they just search the homes of “known firearm owners“?  That would mean law-abiding firearm owners, by definition, since only law-abiding firearm owners take the time and trouble to obtain a firearms license, which leads to the next conclusion:  the RCMP used the federal firearm owner licensing database to obtain the home addresses of every known firearm owner in High River, Alberta.

If that doesn’t terrify you then you simply aren’t paying attention.

This is far more heinous than it appears to the average Canadian, I’m certain.

These criminals then had the audacity to publicly state they were “no longer forcing themselves into homes” and any home they did break into already “would be secured.”

Comforting, isn’t it? The homes were already secure before these criminals broke into them!

It’s like a serial rapist telling his rape victim everything is all right because he’s going to give her a shower, get her all cleaned up and then drop her off at the nearest hospital.

This is both repulsive and disgusting behaviour from civil servants who supposedly protect Canadians, not steal their property to serve their own political anti-gun agenda.

“We just want to make sure that all of those things are in a spot that we control, simply because of what they are,” said Sgt. Brian Topham.

“People have a significant amount of money invested in firearms … so we put them in a place that we control and that they’re safe.”

Is this moron for real?  Obviously the firearms were safe if these criminals had to physically break into homes to steal them!

“I find that absolutely incredible that they have the right to go into a person’s belongings out of their home,” said resident Brenda Lackey, after learning Mounties have been taking residents’ guns. “When people find out about this there’s going to be untold hell to pay.”

That’s just it.  They DON’T have the right to break into your home and steal your property.  They are criminals.

This is the ugly hand  of the RCMP’s unspoken but very real pogrom against Canada’s law-abiding firearm owners in action: to seize firearms by any means necessary and only return those you absolutely must.

We have seized a large quantity of firearms simply because they were left by residents in their places,” said Sgt. Topham.

Really?  “Left Behind?“Is that honestly the best story they can peddle?

How would the RCMP thieves know any firearms were “left by residents in their places” unless they had not first broke into people’s homes and searched them illegally and without a search warrant?

This is an important point, and one that every media outlet in the nation ought to be screaming about from the rooftops.  Warrantless searches of an entire evacuated town is something we would decry in every newscast in the nation if it happened in Zimbabwe or some other third-world nation, yet when it happens right here in Canada we barely get a bored and tired yawn from anyone.

Let me recap.

First, the RCMP breaks into the homes of flood victims, ransacks their private property and steals that which they deem “dangerous” or “politically incorrect“, then they lay down spike belts across roads so we “mere citizens” can’t drive past their blockade into town.

As heinous and repulsive as all of this is, it’s not even the worst of it.  Are you ready for that?

RCMP will not return firearms to anyone who cannot “prove ownership”.   That certainly sounds like firearm confiscation, doesn’t it?  The long gun registry is dead.  I know I’ve bought a lot of firearms since then where there is no paper trail.  What do I need a receipt for?  I paid cash for the guns and both parties were exceedingly happy with the transactions.

But in High River, Alberta?  Good luck.  No receipt, no way the RCMP is going to hand back your personal property even though they most certainly, even in the thrill of their thievery, made note of which firearms they stole from which address, right?

It wasn’t even my home these thieves broke into and *I* feel violated.

When the RCMP lays criminal charges for “illegal possession of a firearm” against High River residents as a result of their thievery that’s when the real  **** will hit the proverbial fan.

If you know anyone who lives in High River, Alberta, who had their home broken into by the RCMP and their private property stolen… er removed for their own good… then please urge them to do the following:

1. File an official complaint with the RCMP Complaints Commission (http://www.cpc-cpp.gc.ca/cnt/srv/mac/forms/ocf-fpe-eng.aspx) or email to complaints@cpc-cpp.gc.ca.

2. File an official complaint directly with RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson (http://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cont/comment-eng.htm or mail to RCMP National Headquarters, Headquarters Building, 73 Leikin Drive, Ottawa, ON  K1A 0R2

3. Photograph the evidence of the break and entry.  Send copies of those photos with a description of the RCMP ransacking of their home to the Mayor of High River, their local MLA and MP and to the Prime Minister of Canada (pm@pm.gc.ca).

4. Send copies of the photos and the description of the RCMP looting of their home to Brian Lilley at Sun TV (byline@sunmedia.ca).

5. Send copies of the photos and the description of the RCMP thievery to every local, provincial and national newspaper in the country. Heck, send me a copy and I will post it here, minus personally identifying information, of course!

6.  Send copies of photographs and the description of RCMP thievery to the Canadian Shooting Sports Association (info@cdnshootingsports.org) and the National Firearms Association so they can bring the evidence to their contacts in government as well.

Don’t stop talking about this to every newspaper and television reporter you can find.  Keep calling the RCMP Complaints Commission and RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson’s office until you get answers about whose heads will roll as a result of this unconstitutional and criminal action perpetrated against flood victims.

Keep calling your MLA’s and MP’s offices until you get answers.  Honest and complete answers about why the RCMP felt the urgent need to steal from law-abiding Canadians already evacuated from their homes.

These officially-sanctioned gun thieves must be brought to justice.



9 thoughts on “High River RCMP Looters are CRIMINALS and must be treated as such IMMEDIATELY

    1. Unbelievable! Its time to disband this inept, incompetent and often corrupt organization that has overstepped its authority too many times and instead of owning their misdeeds and changing only covered up, outright lied, deceived and misled so as to keep the status quo. Good riddance RCMP. Get on your horses and ride off into the sunset!

  1. Letting the public know about this in the establishment media for one time indicates to me that this is an experiment to see how the general public will react.

    1. Absolutely, Rick. They got away with it in Slave Lake and this sure looks like trying it closer to the urban hubs of the province. The RCMP’s gross disrespect for the Rights of Canadians just seems to escalate. They never seem to learn the lesson that we “mere citizens” have rights, or that if they expect us to respect them that they’d best respect us first. How anyone can have faith in the RCMP after this blatant advancement of their anti-gun agenda is beyond me.

      That the media is letting them get away with saying nobody gave the order, that individual RCMP members made these decisions on their own, is absurd. During a search and rescue mission they’ve magically got the time to seize HUNDREDS of rifles and shotguns? And NOBODY gave the order to confiscate any guns? That flies in the face of logic and defies reality.

  2. The whole mess was mishandled. I can understand the RCMP taking firearms out of houses to prevent theft of them, kicking the doors in? well that is pushing it. The situation should have been covered by the military, town sealed off, door to door searches for people trying to stay, anyone caught looting be shot, anyone sneaking into town, and I know some people bragged about that, arrested or shot, end of stupidity by homeowners and police. This was a disaster area, and it should be handled as one with military force to prevent this kind of stupidity.

  3. To the fellow who authored this useless rant about the routine shenanigans of our 6-legged Mounties (just like an insect):

    When, oh when…are you gullible SHEEP going to wake up?

    Filing “complaints” to the “Commissioner”, or this COVERT so-called “Complaints Commission” is an utter waste of time.

    Here, let me spell it out for you gullible folks here in Canada that so desperately want to believe that there are good people left in the world, and that our dear saintly RCMP have even a smidgeon of any laudable attributes.


    Their think-tank psychoanalysts and business acumen strategists were hired many, many years ago with the sole purpose of MAXIMIZING PROFITS.

    That is why they hire PSYCHOPATHS and SCHADENFREUDS, who, like a religious zealot, have an undying devotion to their ‘god’–the handfull of blokes who actually OWN this little cash-cow corrupt corporation they aptly named the “RCMP”.

    Durin the span of an officer’s career, the company stands to ‘earn’ (bilk from us tax-payer–FEE SIMPLE CASH FLOW!) 12-14 MILLION DOLLARS.
    Considering they’ve now got 40,000+ employees, that’s a rather profitable business venture, isn’t it?

    And for all you gullible SHEEP who whine and snivel and just cannot comprehend how a Mountie can commit a serious crime and then be ‘REWARDED’ with a ‘suspension with pay’:

    Well…if YOU had such a lucrative business, would YOU flippantly toss aside 14 million dollars, just because the gullible sheep you are fleecing are braying a little bit?

    A Mountie/employee is an INVESTMENT.
    Do you understand that?

    THAT is why 99% of of these PSYCHOPATHS are NEVER, EVER FIRED.
    The company will lose BIG MONEY if they dismiss their investment, so they are merely transferred with pay (they can’t collect free money from YOU if the psychophath is suspended ‘without’ pay, right?), and eventually found “NOT GUILTY”, because big-businees prevails overall.

    Occassionally, when a Mountie really screws up, they’ll make him a sacraficial lamb–THAT’S THE COST OF DOING BUSINESS.

    What psychopathic CAPITALISTS like the owners of the RCMP count on is the GULLIBILITY of the typical Canadian sheep.
    They KNOW that most of us WANT to believe that our national police force is here to ‘protect’ us.

    They rely on that psychological dependancy that comes so naturally to the average decent human being. And so they exploit it.
    Why would they do that?
    Because they are CAPITALISTS.

    Capitalism is a DISEASE.
    They are never satisfied with what they have, and are in a relentless fervor to acquire more and more power and wealth.

    And so they device a hiring protocol that screen suitable recruits, who must possess the traits befitting the benefit of the company coffers.
    They must be arrogant, have a longing to belong to an entity greater than themselves, be a Schadenfreude with little or no compassion to their fellow man, be a borderline or a complete PSYCHOPATH, and above of else, exhibit–at all times–an undying devotion to their…’God’–the RCMP.

    Furthermore (there’s more to the debauchery yet, folks!), there is a very simple reason why RCMP promote “MULTICULTURALISM”, and look the other way when their rogue officers start up their own drug-gangs and money-laundering small businesses (among other things).

    “Culture”, as far as I recall, is what is created when a homogenic peoples establish customs and rituals and belief systems through the result of long-term residency in a certain geographical area.

    Throughout history, what happens when one culture is forced upon another?

    If you put a lion, a tiger, a wolf, a dog, etceteras, etceteras in a cage…do you think they’re all going to sniff each other’s butts and sit down for tea?

    To me, “Multiculturalism” is an oxy-moron of sorts. It is ANTI-CULTURE.

    If you take many cultures and throw them in a “melting pot”, they are eventually no longer an individual culture by process of assimilation and…AND…elimination.

    That’s right…what happens when you throw a bunch of widely different cultures together in a rather small and contained geographical area?
    Difference of opinion? Is that all?
    You then get arguments.
    Then violence.
    Then murder and other serious crime.

    The RCMP owners KNOW THIS. That is why they are in collusion with corrupt politicians, who promote more and bigger prisons, because if anyone cared to investigate, they’d find that those same politicians (and their cohorts) have vast shares in the massive companies that keep these prisons operating, from catering, transport contracts, etceteras.

    They are ALL LINKED, and are ALL BUSINESS PARTNERS, to various degrees.

    You people have absolutely no idea just how corrupt Canada is, do you?
    No, you don’t, quite obviously.
    You’re all quite content to see what the corrupted ones allow you to see, too blithe to see through the hair pulled over your eyes.

    So there you have it.
    Learn from it if you can, or want to.
    More the like, you’ll just continue on in your well-groomed, ultra-consumer lives that you’ve been brainswashed into thinking you need to be a decent human being–wrought about by the same puppet-masters who’ve been tugging your marionette strings for generations.

    So in a nutshell:
    This capitalist business that calls itself ‘RCMP’ is just one…ONE of many lucrative business ventures they have. Thanks to your and your gullibility in foolishly longing for a belief system of sorts, unable to comprehend the gravity and depth of corruption and your delinquent role as a pawn in it, you’ve empowered these psychopathic capitalists to get so big that they can’t fail.

    They are now drunk on your sweat, blood, and tears. Hence…the audacity to do what they did during this flood. Hence, the audacity to tazer 82 year old men in their hospital beds, or tazer to death a man holding a stapler and then guffawing as they watch his die, or shooting kids in the back of the head in jail cells, etceteras…on and on it goes.

    Here’s some simplified math:

    This company that calls itself “RCMP” DOESN’T WANT TO STOP CRIME!


    That is why they brazenly promote ‘Multiculturalism’, and deliberately screen for PSYCHOPATHS.

    If you don’t want to believe me, that’s really no surprise.

    What should not come as a surprise is that the very same peoples that the RCMP and their political counterparts have let swarm into Canada in droves (250,000 per year, for many years–at $250,000 PER HEAD), will inevitably turn on their so-called ‘benefactors’.

    It will happen. Wait and see.
    This greedy company (that has absolutely NO interest in ‘protecting’ ANYTHING, save their own egos and Swiss Bank accounts) sold out–via societal and financial genocide. There are ‘certain’ demographics (like myself) that are slowly and inexorably being pushed out onto the fringes.

    In the center are the Uber-rich, who don’t like us native-born, unwealthy types.

    The problem with this short-sighted, greedy money-grab is that one day those same wealthy immigrants will now consider themselves lords of the land, and won’t tolerate the shenanigans of this pathetic little police force called the RCMP. They’ll pull the plug on it not through revolution or protestations, but through their political connections–bought with their riches.

    So there you go.

    Canada has now become KANADA.

    An abomination of what it was, and what is SHOULD be.

    I no longer consider myself ‘Canadian’, though it was MY ancestors that not only orchestrated the foundings of this colony through oceanic navigation and exporation, but whom also pioneered and homesteaded it through successive generations.

    My country sickens me now, and if I could leave it, I would.

    Good luck you you all.

    You’ve no one to blame but yourselves for giving a CORPORATION control over your well-being and safety.

    You COULD get rid of them…but you won’t, because you’re all so into making bling-bling, just like them.

    Congrats, and good luck.


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