Unanimous Quebec Court of Appeal tells Quebec it has No Right to Gun Registry Data


It’s been a great week for Freedom and Liberty on two fronts this week. First, the Senate repeals Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and now a Quebec Court has told the government of the Province of Quebec it has no right to the gun registry data.
What great news!

In a unanimous decision the Quebec Court of Appeal told the Province of Quebec to get lost. Sure, they were more polite than that, but not by much. They ordered the Quebec government to pay court costs for the case as well. That means they were more than a little displeased with Quebec’s “politically-correct” and frivolous lawsuit.

“Quebec has no property right in the data,” said the 14-page verdict.
“The data does not belong to Quebec, and the provinces have no control over it… The Parliament of Canada, which considers the data at issue to be pointless and inefficient and believes that its existence in a registry infringes the right to privacy, can certainly decide to stop compiling and preserving that information.”

That’s awfully clear language for a court and it leaves no doubt about the stupidity of the Quebec court battle. Given it was a unanimous decision there will likely be no challenge to the Supreme Court either.

Comments on a National Post article about the decision were swift and decidedly on-side.

“Duckworks” wrote:

Ding-dong, the witch (a multimillion dollar porkbarrel for Quebec IT firm and Liberal donor CGI Group) is dead.
Time to kill the rest of the Shawinnigan Strangler’s terrible Firearms Act, including the licensing portion that turned millions of Canadians into criminals overnight. And make Wendy Cukier return that $340,000 she illegally received from Allan Rock’s office (Google “Wendy Cukier”+”Kim Doran”_”Liberal Party”). Gun control never was a ‘Canadian value,’ only–like multiculturalism and an emasculated military–the value of a cadre of crooked social engineers.

“JudgeWhuffle” wrote:

Federal government on right side of issue along with all provinces — EXCEPT Quebec — who was always on the wrong side of the issue — and as long as they elect people like Marois — always will be.

Mocking the recent Quebec language police and their determination to stamp out anything “Anglais” by forcing a frozen yoghurt company to replace their plastic spoons or face huge fines for “non-compliance” with Quebec’s absurd language laws “Theo” wrote:

The gun registry was a national issue and that has been settled. Quebec must focus on yogurt spoons.

Pauline-Marois-Screw-CanadaQuebec continues to be thoroughly out of touch with reality.  Well, let me clarify that.  Quebec politicians continue to be thoroughly out of touch with reality.  Regular Quebec citizens appear far more focused, despite election results that would appear to show otherwise.  It’s time for Quebec voters to elect politicians that represent their values, not some bizarre whack job like Pauline Marios.

It’s hard for the rest of us to take Quebec seriously when Marois hypocritically refuses to fly the Canadian Flag in the Quebec National Assembly but can’t cash the Transfer Payment checks fast enough.

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