Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton needs our help to Repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act

Conservative Senate Leader Marjory LeBreton explained, in a comment to the Ottawa Citizen, that she and her colleagues comprehend the significance of Bill C-304, the bill to repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

“The human rights bill has been before the Senate since last June. There’s no plausible argument for not dealing with the human rights bill.”

She is absolutely correct.

There is no plausible explanation for why the Senate stuffed Bill C-304 into a corner and then ignored it for over a year.  It is, however, quite gratifying to hear the government Senate leader say this bill is a priority, and for that I applaud Senator Marjory LeBreton.

Now that the Senate will stay open for business later than scheduled it is more important than ever that we write every Senator in Canada and urge them to pass Bill C-304 immediately.

There are Senators on both sides of the political spectrum who are against this bill.  That is why they need to hear from us, the mere citizens of Canada.  We need to make it clear to them we want Section 13 repealed immediately.

Writing to every Senator is a pain.  I get that.  Believe me, I really do.

I also did something about it.

In order to make contacting every Senator in the nation as quick, easy and simple as possible I hired a computer software company to build a piece of software for me.  It wasn’t cheap but I believe it is worth it to help all of us connect with our politicians, elected or not.

I’m giving the software away for free.

The Senate needs to hear from us. This software turns that chore into a very simple task.  To see just how easy it is to use, check out the “Getting Started” video at

All you need to do is download the software, install it, and use it to write your letter urging each and every Senator to pass Bill C-304.  The software will personalize your letter for each Senator individually, and then send your letter to every one of them by email.

All with just a few mouse clicks.

It really is that simple.

All you have to do is write your letter.  The software does the rest.

The reasons are plentiful.  If you want a brief refresher on some of the more heinous applications of Section 13 I would ask you to watch these two videos:

If you prefer the written word, then here are a few articles I’ve written on the subject that explain why Section 13 must go.

Most of the information I used to write these articles comes from the transcripts and legal decisions in the Marc Lemire case.  For over 8 years Marc Lemire has fought for his Right to Freedom of Speech against the unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats from the Canadian Human Rights Commission who refused every step of the way to settle his case reasonably.

Their unreasonableness forced Lemire to dig into their methods and practices.  What he discovered ultimately forced the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to rule that Section 13 was unconstitutional.  Sadly, that Tribunal did not have the authority to do anything about the fact that Section 13 is unconstitutional.

It is solely because of the information Marc Lemire dredged up about the atrocious behaviour of the Canadian Human Rights Commission that Bill C-304 came into existence.

The Canadian Parliament passed Bill C-304 over a year ago.  Now it’s time for the Senate to pass it too.

Please, if you value your Right to Freedom of Speech download my free political action software and use it to write your letter and send it to each and every Senator in the nation.  Urge them to pass Bill C-304 immediately.

You don’t want to be the next Marc Lemire, I can assure you.  He’s spent over 8 years of his life fighting this atrocious legislation.  The document he was “convicted” of was removed from the Internet over 8 years ago, yet his prosecution continues.  That’s the punitive and abusive nature of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

We often complain that one person can’t make a difference when it simply is not true.

If it weren’t for Marc Lemire and his tenacious defense of his constitutional Right to Freedom of Speech then Bill C-304 would have never even been written, let alone pass the House of Commons!

One person can make a difference.  Marc Lemire did.

Will you?

Please join me in writing to our Senators and urge them to pass Bill C-304 to Repeal Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act without delay.

We will all rest a little easier once they do.

Yours in Liberty,



PS.  The software is free. Download it here:

Watch this quick-start video tutorial to see just how simple it is to write every Senator in Canada:


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