MP Jason Kenny Explains Why Educating Our Elected Officials Is So Important

Jason Kenney is arguably one of the best MPs in the country.  His work on the Immigration file is excellent.  He takes his job seriously and handles the inane questions of the mainstream media well. That said, Jason Kenney clearly did not know how fundamentally the Firearms Act changed Canadian property rights when it comes to firearm ownership.

Writer and longtime political activist Jules Sobrian attended a Conservative Party fundraiser on June 8, 2013.  He spoke with Mr. Kenney at length about numerous issues, including the Firearms Act.

It was through that conversation Mr. Kenney revealed he did not know critical facts about the law his government insists on enforcing on otherwise law-abiding Canadian Citizens.

I say otherwise law-abiding because the Firearms Act is so poorly written it almost impossible to obey every part of the law.  

For example Port Colbourne, Ontario’s Ian Thomson was prosecuted because both the Ontario Provincial Police and Crown prosecutor Bob Mahler decreed Mr. Thomson’s firearms were illegally stored because Thomson saved his own life by “accessing his guns too quickly”.

Here is Jules Sobrian’s explanation of his conversation with Jason Kenney.

I spoke to Jason Kenney last night at a fund raising dinner; he sat across the table from me.  To summarize our conversation:

He didn’t seem to know what I was talking about at first when I pointed out that under the act, firearm ownership became a criminal offence unless the gun owner were granted permission to commit the offence by the government in the form of a licence.  I next made the observation that ownership of any other form of private property didn’t carry the same burden.

He thought that firearm ownership was already a criminal offence previous to the Firearms Act, which I assured him that indeed it was not. 

He then told me that the government was trying to reach out to the population at large and removal of the FA from the CC would antagonize a lot of people just as the repeal of the long-gun registry had already done.

I pointed out that Mike Harris had done that and the PC Ontario was still in the boondocks as a consequence.  I mentioned that it was a poor plan to drive away your supporters in an effort to appease your enemies, who wouldn’t vote for you anyway.

He knew about Harris’ spring bear hunt debacle and wanted to know what I would like them to do, so I suggested that they show some evidence that they were considering removal of the appropriate paragraphs from the criminal code before the next election, without which many firearm owners were planning to stay away from the polling stations.

If the other two parties got elected they would reinstate the long gun registry,” he said.

I told him that we realized that to be true, but were so sick of duplicitous governments that we were prepared to face that eventuality and even lose our guns, which would then really create a cause to unite most gun owners against all politicians.

Write your MP and ask to meet with him or her on this issue. Yes, ask to meet with them in person.  They can give lip service to your letter but it is much more difficult to blow you off when you’re standing right in front of them.

Educate about the current Firearms Act’s criminalization of firearm ownership and the previous Firearm Acquisition Certificate system where you could not be sent to prison merely for owning a piece of private property without government permission, as we have today.

If your Member of Parliament is a Conservative Party MP then urge them to act like a conservative instead of this continued pandering to progressives who won’t vote for them anyway.

3 thoughts on “MP Jason Kenny Explains Why Educating Our Elected Officials Is So Important

  1. Thanks for this article, Christopher. Kenney is one of the few Conservative MP’s who hasn’t abandoned his conservative principles for the sake of power. He is a strong possibility for future leader of the CPC. We need to educate him on firearms issues now if we want his support in future years.

  2. That is right Christopher Di Armani. Many of our MPs are not uncaring people, it’s just the way the media portrayed C-68, or therefore lack of it, by touting the long gun registry line. The entire law is bad and must do.Read more …

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