Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Gets it Right on Guns

320151_295980750427910_695650291_n-255x300Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed House Bill 2162 into law the other day guaranteed to turn anti-gun zealots into spittle-soaked rage-aholics.  No longer will public money be used to undermine the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

Local governments are, from July 1, 2013 onward, prohibited from using public money to produce, create, manufacture or distribute “any kit, pamphlet, booklet, publication, electronic communication, radio, television or video presentation” that relates to “gun control”.

A statement from Governor Brownback, released after he signed the bill into law, said in part:

Governor Brownback signed the bill because Kansans do not support spending taxpayer dollars on legislation limiting gun rights; Kansas is a strong pro-Second Amendment state.”

This is a great thing.

It’s also a bellweather of things to come.

Many states have already passed laws, just as Kansas did with its “Second Amendment Protection Act”, an Act that prevents federal employees from enforcing federal gun laws inside their state.

With HB 2162 Kansas has now raised the bar, and they’ve raised it high indeed.

By prohibiting any local government from violating the Second Amendment, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback sent a very clear message.

To President Obama he said loudly and clearly,

Keep your paws off our guns.  While you’re at it, stay out of our state.

To lawmakers in every other state in the Union Brownback said,

What’s the holdup?  Why aren’t you supporting and defending the Constitution like you swore under oath that you would when you took office?

Those two messages made my day.  Seeing a politician stand up for the Rights and Freedoms of his citizens is heartwarming indeed.

Now, if you live in any of the other states in America that haven’t brought in similar legislation in defense of the Second Amendment, today would be a great day to contact your State Legislators and demand they do so immediately.

If Kansas can do it, surely your state can too.

Well, except for those morons in Colorado who are still intent on driving every gun-related business out of that beautiful state.  The good folks of Colorado have their work cut out for them in Denver, but recall efforts are well underway.

Thinks may just turn out all right there yet.

1 thought on “Kansas Governor Sam Brownback Gets it Right on Guns

  1. Colorado had an influx of Californians who congregated in the urban areas and skewed the elections. Those are the folks driving the anti-gun measures. Until they leave or the general voting populace overcome their apathy it’ll be a fight in that state.

    Here in Texas they’re clustered mostly in Austin and haven’t had the power to drive much of anything outside of local ordinances (which are normally quashed before they go too far).

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