Nelson, Georgia, sued by the Perennial Gun-Haters at the Brady Center


On April 3, 2013 I wrote an article titled Why Government Despises Liberty… Thoughts on Bastiat’s classic “The Law” in which I discussed the principles Frederik Bastiat wrote about at length. I started off here:

Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.

How true these words are, yet they’re miles and miles from our current reality. Today governments decree what we may own, do, be, and which government permission slips are required for each and every one.

I went on to discuss how, in our present world, anti-freedom government officials and individuals in general are happy to invoke laws that crush ordinary folks, not because they are guilty of or convicted of any crime, but because the very process IS the punishment.  Just ask Ian Thomson or Marc Lemire.

Crown prosecutors charged Ian Thomson for daring to defend his own life against three men trying to burn him to death inside his own home.

Marc Lemire is currently in the 9th year of a prosecution that boils down to him hosting a document on his website that he didn’t even write. The Process Is the Punishment and if Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Section 13 fails, a lifetime Free Speech Ban will be imposed upon him, all for the “crime” of posting a document written by someone else onto his website.

I finished off my earlier article with this:

Nelson Georgia SealOn the bright side, some politicians at the local level comprehend the rightful role of government as Bastiat described it so well.  One small city is in the headlines right now because they dare do the right thing: i.e. protect the lives and liberty of their citizens.

Nelson, Georgia, is a small town, but its elected representatives comprehend both Bastiat’s vision of Liberty and the US Constitution. They, like Kennesaw, Georgia, did almost a generation ago, are about to pass an ordinance that makes it a crime for the heads of a household NOT to own a firearm.

The Family Protection Ordinance makes it mandatory for the heads of a household to own at least one firearm.

Nelson city council’s Edith Portillo said,

Our government at the moment wants to take as much away from us as they can.”

Local Police Chief Heath Mitchell also fully endorsed the idea as a signal to the government:

“I think you all are showing the people that you’re in full support of the Constitution, and as far as the Second Amendment goes, that you stand behind it, you stand behind people’s rights.”

Nelson, Georgia, like Kennesaw did before them, will see their violent crime rate plummet through the floor, while the murder rates of Detroit, Chicago and Washington continue to rise. Perhaps they should look to Frederik Bastiat’s “The Law” for a little guidance on how things work in the real world.

Sometimes politicians actually pass laws that empower people; that encourage them to exercise their God-given Rights and Freedoms.  The small town of Nelson, Georgia, did just that when it passed a law similar to that passed a generation ago by the town of Kennesaw, Georgia. Their Family Protection Ordinance makes it mandatory for the head of a household to own at least one firearm, and this has the ninnies over at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence soiling their knickers.

Not taking kindly to soiled knickers, they are suing the town of Nelson, Georgia, claiming the town’s ordinance violates the Constitution.

Yes, the very same Constitution the Brady Center does its level best to violate each and every day all in every single state of America.

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