A Very Bad Day for Baltimore PD

It’s the worst thing a cop can imagine.  Shoot another cop unintentionally.  That’s what happened in the early hours of Sunday morning outside a Baltimore nightclub.

William H. Torbitt, 33, was shot and killed by a uniformed Baltimore Police officer.  That poor guy has got to be feeling sick to death over what happened.

He thought he was doing the right thing.  He thought he was stopping a killer from murdering innocent civilians.

Unfortunately, the man he shot and killed was an under cover police officer.

Even sadder, he wasn’t the only one who died that night.  22-year-old Sean Gamble, who was engaged to be married in two months and had a two-year-old son, also was killed.

The Baltimore television reporter Jayne Miller said what I think we all feel after hearing about this tragedy:

“I just want to ask the people of Baltimore to keep these people and their families in prayers. This is an absolutely horrible incident that I pray we would never lose another officer. Here we are again, and it is a terribly rough time for the family, for the Police Department and for the city. So, I ask you to keep their families in prayer.”

My prayers especially go out to the fiance and son of Sean Gamble.  There’s not a lot worse than losing your father at the age of two, or losing your fiance just 2 months before you’re to be married.

A very bad day, and not just for Baltimore’s Police Department.

As the old army saying goes…. Friendly Fire… ISN’T.


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