Rookie Ottawa Constable claims she was shot, sparks massive manhunt, but did she really shoot herself?


A Gantineau, Quebec, police constable, apparently raiding a Saturday night bush party outside Ottawa, managed to get herself shot instead. The only question remaining now is this:

Who shot her?

The rookie constable with just 3 years on the job called for backup after the gunshot and, while she never made any mention of shooting herself in that call for backup, didn’t set the record straight either.

A massive manhunt ensued as police tried to find the person or persons who shot one of their own. They didn’t find anyone, despite the SWAT team and helicopter search that went on for hours.

The massive police search, which included two forces and overtime expenses, failed to capture any gunman. The police search also failed to find a weapon at or near the scene, and police failed to identify any gunman after questioning 30 people who attended the bush party.

Police did not cordon off the area as a crime scene, a routine procedure even for domestic calls not involving guns.

gatineau-police-logoThe newspaper report also said the following, which struck me as bizarre:

The officer is still in hospital awaiting minor surgery, according to Gatineau Police officer Pierre Lanthier.

Lanthier said the wounded officer is still in “shock” and not yet ready to be interviewed about what happened.

While I have no doubt the young constable is in shock, and is probably horrified at her moment of negligence that caused her fellow police officers to waste considerable department resources searching for a bogeyman.

What is more distressing though, is the lack of integrity her behaviour shows. Yes, it’s incredibly embarrassing to shoot yourself in the leg, but these things can and do happen, especially if a person is running with a loaded firearm in hand, finger on the trigger.

But to purposely remain silent as a manhunt is underway is something else, sadly. It speaks to character, or more importantly, the lack of it.

I’m not the only one thinking this way. Her fellow department members seized her police-issue sidearm when she reached the hospital as part of their investigation. Guess what they discovered?

The magazine was short one round of ammunition.

Given no “gunman” or other weapon was found despite the SWAT Team and helicopter search, that really only leaves one conclusion, doesn’t it?

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