Paying for Our Own Cultural Destruction

by Frank Hilliard

Tom Perlmutter -- Head of the National Film Board of Canada
Tom Perlmutter — Head of the National Film Board of Canada

Unless you live in one of the gentrified, metrosexual enclaves of Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver, you’ve probably never heard of Tom Perlmutter. You’ve paid for him, but like many of the globalists in our midst, he’s been working just below the radar to dissolve and diminish Canadian culture and national identity.

Perlmutter, the son of a Holocaust survivor who emigrated to Montreal from Hungary as a child, is the 64-year old head of the National Film Board which receives an annual government grant of $60,300,000. If this were being used to strengthen and advance Canadian  identity, the investment might be worthwhile. Unfortunately, the direction appears to be opposite.

We get a hint of this in a feature article yesterday in the Globe & Mail in which Perlmutter tries to square the circle of the NFB’s mandate to unite Canadians and its actual program of dividing them along social, linguistic, religious and racial lines. The hint comes in four paragraphs where the author, Kate Taylor tries to make 2 + 2 equal 5.

I’ll quote the whole thing and then comment on it.

“Coming as an immigrant, coming from a family of Holocaust survivors, you are coming from a place where you are marginalized, so immediately you say: ‘How do we create a place where we connect with others? How do we create communities despite where we come from, despite whatever baggage?’”

Officially, the NFB still has a markedly nationalistic mandate to unite Canadians by telling them about each other, but Perlmutter thinks it can play a more nuanced role.

“Traditional notions of national identity are out the window, particularly in Canada: You can eliminate this agonizing over who we are. … What is interesting is how do you create this postmodern nation anchored in common democratic values no matter what your personal religion or culture?” he said. “Culture plays a significant role: Through cultural means you can explore things that may be difficult through other means.”

Specifically, he believes the NFB can instigate civilized debate, with documentaries that get Canadians talking about issues such as legalizing prostitution or the conditions behind the headlines about Attawapiskat. “To have these discussions is a wonderful thing,” he said.

The first sentence in paragraph three is key. Perlmutter is saying that nationalism is passé; we should stop worrying about Canadian identity. Instead we should “create this postmodern nation anchored in common democratic values no matter what your personal religion or culture.”

Whoa baby! Laws are created from culture (that’s why Sundays are a holiday along with Christmas and Easter). They don’t exist outside of culture and they certainly don’t exist “no matter what your personal religion or culture.”

If our religion were Islam, we would not have a Parliamentary democracy and we would not have laws based on English Common Law. Our laws would be based on the Koran and would conform with Sharia law.

National Film Board LogoHow can Perlmutter, who you’ll remember is in charge of $60M of our tax dollars, not understand this simple reality?

Well, we can see how by understanding the first paragraph quoted.

The sentiment expressed is that of one school of Jewish thought, the Internationalists, who believe that the nation state is the problem and that the solution is globalization and multiculturalism. The other school of thought (which I support), is Zionism which believes that nationalism is the answer and that the state of Israel is the solution to the relentless progroms which have plagued the Jewish diaspora since 70 AD.

So, if Perlmutter thinks nationalism is the problem, it’s clear why “traditional notions of national identity are out the window” (except in Israel where traditional notions of nationalism are very much in the window, of course).

I admit this is a lot of heavy mental lifting for we Christians and post Christians, but unless we understand the dynamics of this inter-Jewish struggle, we won’t understand how attractive multiculturalism is to one side of the debate. Once we do, however, it’s obvious that paying for the destruction of Canadian nationalism, culture and law is profoundly absurd.

Why should we pay for our own cultural destruction? What possible good can come of destroying the culture that brought us the freedoms we enjoy today?

Write your M.P. and demand that the NFB be defunded and disbanded along with the CBC. They have served their role, they have outlived their role. It is time for the Perlmutters of Canada to be thanked by a grateful nation and sent into retirement.

Then perhaps we can get back to conserving the culture we still have and thanking God that we have it.


© Frank Hilliard, 2013  Reprinted with permission.


1 thought on “Paying for Our Own Cultural Destruction

  1. wow chris,

    im happy to see that you are coming around to the goal of the zionists, ie to destroy white western culture.
    of course, i agree with this author that nationalism is the answer; however, it doesnt have to be the predatory ultra-totalitarian nationalism of the jewish state(zionism).
    it can be a more Christian nationalism such as fascism under mussolini, which is actually the form that the zionists copied but with their own complete disregard for human life that is not jewish.
    many of them credited mussolinis fascism as being a great model.
    although then hitler more potently practiced a more zionistic type of it.
    regardless, i am glad that your eyes are opening to the reality of these zionist parasites among us; as i feel quite confident that perlmutter does not support the same ethics and policy for israel that he does for canada.
    in other words, the bastard is a traitor to canada…an infiltrator, extortionist, and threat to white Christians everywhere.
    so the best of luck in defunding him and hopefully deporting him as well.
    i look forward to you spreading more truth on these Christ-slaying savages and demonic parasites !!

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