RCMP Constable Harley Gillman Guilty of Fraud but kept on the Force

It is very difficult to comprehend why RCMP Constable Harley Gillman is still a cop. One would think that a repeated pattern of theft and abuse of trust would be grounds to fire a corrupt cop but not so when it comes to the RCMP.  In the RCMP it simply means a lengthy paid vacation and then back to business as usual.

I wrote about this thieving cop back on August 11, 2012 in my article RCMP Constable Harley Gillman: The latest in a long line of thieving RCMP members, and described the situation thus:

RCMP-LogoIt’s the typical RCMP response to one of their own being caught with his hand in the cookie jar: give the thief a paid vacation. That’s precisely what’s happened to RCMP Constable Harley Gillman of Saskatchewan’s Beardys First Nation.

Constable Gillman would appear to have a very strong sense of entitlement.  This sense of entitlement led to Constable Gillman [allegedly] using his RCMP gas card to fill up both his and his wife’s vehicles repeatedly.  How long he’s been at this hasn’t been released as far as I can find, but it was long enough to rack up gas bills for their personal vehicles over $5,000.  He’s on a paid suspension or what I like to call a paid vacation after being charged with theft and breach of trust.

RCMP Constable Harley Gillman and his wife Marie Cheryl Diane Gillman both pleaded guilty to fraud.  For reasons not made public neither were forced to plead guilty to theft, despite their admitted and repeated theft of RCMP resources.  The Crown stayed those charges.

Gillman is ordered to pay $7,200 in restitution but keeps his job.  He must now actually earn his paycheck again now that his 8-month paid vacation is over.

What I don’t understand is this.

How can the RCMP  possibly believe RCMP Constable Harley Gillman has any credibility in the community?

Can Gillman credibly investigate someone when his own history includes a long and repeated history of theft and abuse of trust?  Will any court in the land accept testimony from an admitted thief who just happens to wear an RCMP badge and carry a gun?  I imagine any defense attorney would drool with anticipation at the prospect of cross-examining a constable whose credibility is so easily wiped away.

RCMP constables, indeed all those who choose the profession of policing MUST be held to a higher standard than this.  When the consequences of illegal activity and in this case a repeated pattern of offense, mean little in the way of consequences is it really a shock that the RCMP is held in such low esteem?

rcmp-in-jail-cellActions have consequences, unless you are a member of the RCMP.  In that case you accept a slap on the wrist, and in this case pay back some of the cash you stole, and just carry right on as though nothing ever happened.

RCMP accountability goes out the window and, as usual, nobody appears to care one bit.

As I wrote last year,

Will RCMP Commissioner Robert Paulson fire Harley Gillman?  Probably not.  While my initial hopes for Paulson’s leadership were quite high, so far he has not shown much that lets me keep the faith.

Those words are as true today as when I wrote them almost a year ago.  Paulson,  all his good intentions notwithstanding, hasn’t done much to restore faith in the RCMP or his leadership of it.

Yes, I know… my disgust with a broken RCMP Accountability system is showing.  My frustration that nobody is willing to do anything about it is even greater.

I’m just waiting to hear when RCMP Constable Harley Gillman’s transfer to British Columbia takes effect.  Since this is where the RCMP dumps the rest of their bad apples there’s no reason to believe Gillman won’t be shipped here too, is there?



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