Father of murdered 9-year-old speaks out

It will break your heart to listen to him in this Fox News interview…. the father of the little girl murdered by the lunatic in Tucson Arizona speaks out about what happened, and what he thinks should be done in the wake of his young daughter’s death.

Like Suzanna Gratia Hupp in 1991, John doesn’t believe the answer is to blame the gun, to blame the inanimate object.  And he’s right. He travels alot for work, so he’s seen first-hand the nightmare of government regulation and “security checkpoints”.  The last thing he’s interested in is seeing more of that in the wake of his daughter’s death.

Suzanna wrote about her experiences in her amazing book From Luby’s to the Legislature: One Woman’s Fight Against Gun Control. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it.   It gives an amazing insight into the woman who turned her tragedy into triumph by changing the concealed carry laws in Texas so that what happened to hear could not happen to anyone else.

You’ve been warned.  Listening to him tell his story will break your heart as he describes his little girl who was born on 9/11.

If you’ve never read her story, here’s a link to Suzanna Grupp’s book on how the death of her parents at the hand of a lunatic changed her life and the laws of Texas, as a result.

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