Rumblings in the Distance

by Frank Hilliard

In the back alleys of Cairo artisans are making what they have always made in times of crisis in countries in turmoil; weapons.

It’s good to keep this in mind because we in the West tend to lose track of reality in the fog of political platitudes and shock of obscene events. We are reassured by the former and distracted by the latter so that we mistake the trivial for the important.

The important thing about the events in Cleveland wasn’t what was happening inside the house on Seymour Ave. but the Puerto Rican flag flying outside it. There would have been no sex slavery and miscarried foetuses in Cleveland if the Castro brothers had stayed in the Caribbean.

On this subject, I note that more than 20 percent of Canadians are now born outside Canada, most from countries with even worse human rights records than Puerto Rico.

But I digress, the topic of today’s bad news isn’t the kidnapping of three young women, but the kidnapping of more than 150 million American women by the progressive forces of globalism and monetary orthodoxy. Unlike the Cleveland three, most American women don’t know they’re in a cage of economic destruction from which they will be lucky to escape alive.

I was reminded of this today by a horrifying analysis of the American economy made by Lord Monckton at Here’s an excerpt:

Net assets for each U.S. citizen are $300,000. The net liability of the U.S. government, shared among its citizens, amounts to almost four times that: $1.1 million a head. And the government’s debt is growing at $1 million every 45 seconds. To cover its annual deficit, it is printing $1 trillion a year of currency that is not backed by any asset whatsoever.
Here is what will happen next. When the crash comes, don’t say you weren’t given fair and clear warning. First, the dollar will cease – no, make that “is already ceasing” – to be the world’s reserve currency.
China, as I have been warning you she would, has realized the dollar is finished. So she is quietly making startling progress with bilateral and multilateral deals to replace the dollar with the yuan as the world’s currency of choice.  When that happens, other events will follow, most notably a breakdown in the North American food supply.
Buy land, some of it well-wooded, some of it arable, some of it grassland. You will need the timber to power your steam tractor. Gasoline will be a costly rarity. And make sure you can defend yourselves. Starving mobs are no respecters of persons. Do what the Mormons do: Get three months’ supply of imperishable foodstuffs and hide them in the basement.

Which is where we bring the American story in line with the one in Egypt. Egyptians are making guns, as Lord Monckton suggests, to “make sure (they) can defend (them)selves.”

In this connection, there is some good news; it is now possible to manufacture a gun using a 3-D printer. Defense Distributed has the details on what it calls The Liberator. All you need is access to one of these machines and a little time and patience.

Not that many people will avail themselves.

We will be like the Berliners portrayed in Erik Larson’s book, In the Garden of Beasts. They went about their daily business in the hot summer of 1934 oblivious to reality even as Hitler’s henchmen were plotting the abduction of an entire state.

No, it could never happen here, it could never happen in Cleveland, it could never happen in Egypt; right up until it actually does.

(c) Frank Hilliard, 2013. Reprinted with Permission

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