Some People Despise Liberty and they’ll say or do anything to take yours away too

It would seem Toronto’s Ron Charach didn’t get cuddled enough by his mommy when he was young, or perhaps he had no strong manly figure around to teach him what it means to be, well, manly.

Whatever the failings of Mr. Charach’s upbringing may be, they combined to create a man who utterly despises personal responsibility and is determined to do whatever it takes to strip Rights and Freedoms from honest, decent folks like you and me.

His latest drivel, penned in the wake of the capture of the Boston bombing terrorists (Islamic terrorists, in case you were curious), was published Monday, April 22, 2013, in the Hamilton Spectator:

If the Tzarnaev brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar, walked in to an Ontario gun range and produced valid photo ID and proof of residence, they would be allowed to train with the very latest SARs and semi-automatic pistols. Social policy that allows pretty much anyone with no history of criminal behaviour [Emphasis Mine] to collect any number of such weapons, and that assumes such men to be essentially law-abiding, is simply no longer tenable in our globalist age.

Stephen Harper already disbanded Vic Toews’ firearms advisory committee as having been too extreme. He hasn’t yet figured out, however, that Toews is extreme in his pro-firearms views and has no business holding such a highly placed portfolio that affects the safety of all Canadians. Let’s make Canada far less potentially lethal place.

Ron Charach, Toronto

He’s a prolific writer of letters to the editor nation-wide and his message is always the same:

  • mere citizens cannot be trusted and
  • the Nanny State will protect us if we would just give up this silly fight for Rights and Freedoms.

In Charach’s world “too extreme” means anyone who believes in personal responsibility and all that it implies.

Personal Responsibility means being held accountable for one’s actions, yet that’s the very thing freedom-despising cretins like Charach dislike. They don’t want us held accountable for what we do, they want is imprisoned for what we might do.

He demands we all live in a padded world where no harm can possibly come to anyone, no matter what.

What Charach fails to comprehend, or more likely simply blinds himself to, is that criminals LOVE that padded and over-protective world. Not only do they love it, they thrive in it because nobody can stand against them.

Depriving us of our Rights and Freedoms BEFORE we’ve committed a crime is absurd. Innocent until proven guilty is the cornerstone of our legal tradition, yet Ron Charach and those who believe as absurdly as he does think nothing of turning that legal principle on its head, then defecating on it.

As Benjamin Franklin so aptly wrote, those who would

give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.

If Charach had his way we would live in a Minority Report world where everyone is presumed guilty (except for Charach himself and other “approved” minions of the state, naturally) and the punishment of thought-crimes would be how we deal with every sin, real and imagined by our betters.

Since Ron Charach writes so prolifically on the need to strip us of our very Liberty it’s incumbent upon each and every one of us who value that which he despises to write our own letters to the newspapers of our nation.

If the only voice they hear is Charach’s you know what they’ll print. Let’s give them another option each and every day.

Yours in Liberty,

Christopher's Signature

Christopher di Armani

PS. Send me copies of your letters and I’ll publish them here and in Canadian Rights and Freedoms Bulletin as incentive to others to join us in the fight for Liberty.

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