CCTV Cameras: the answer to murder?

Toronto has its share of shootings, murders, and violent crime.  Like most major cities in North America it wants to ban handguns.  And install more surveillance video cameras.  Especially after one caught a murder as it happened.

Yes, it’s a very disturbing video.  No question. One man murdered, the other wounded and in hospital.  Not good, by any standard.

Toronto City Police recently completed a $2 million video camera pilot project, placing video cameras in “high-risk” neighbourhoods.   I’m sure that will console Basil Bryan’s mourning family members… knowing that instead of sending police officers into these neighbourhoods, they sent video cameras instead.

Like Chicago, which had one person killed and fifteen others injured in overnight shootings, Toronto City Police need to deal with their violent criminals, rather than give them free reign over entire city blocks.

There is a reason for Canada’s decline in respect for our police forces.  When we turn over our streets to violent criminals, preferring to watch their crimes on television, instead of actually sending policemen, can we really wonder that these horrible acts go on unabated?

The answer isn’t more video cameras.  It hasn’t helped police catch this latest murderer.  Nor is it likely to.

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