CCLA Applies for Intervener Status in Marc Lemire’s Constitutional Challenge of Sec. 13 Internet Censorship


The Canadian Civil Liberties Association has filed an intervention application at the Federal Court of Appeals.  They are seeking to rid Canada of Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act, which is Canada’s shameful Internet censorship legislation.

The CCLA recently described their intervention in the Lemire case thus:

“The CCLA will be intervening to support the Tribunal’s ruling and the recognition of the chilling, self-censoring effect these laws can have on individuals.  The CCLA has long advocated that this law is a vague and unjustifiable restriction on freedom of expression that should be struck down.”

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is one of Canada’s premier organizations protecting freedom of speech.  According to the Affidavit of Cara Zwibel, the CCLA was “Founded in 1964, the CCLA is a national organization dedicated to the furtherance of civil liberties in Canada … As a staunch defender of freedom of expression, the CCLA has made submissions and provided advice on a range of issues to various levels of government.”

The CCLA submissions specifically address two key points in their submissions:

1.     The CHRT must have the ability to examine the manner in which section 13 is administered generally as part of a proper contextual analysis under section 1 of the Charter.

2.     Severance is not an appropriate constitutional remedy in the circumstances of this case, and in freedom of expression cases more generally.


Marc Lemire is now battling for his (and OUR) Right to Freedom of Speech on two fronts.
First, at the Federal Court of Appeals, where he is appealing the finding of Mr. Justice Mosley.  Mosley found that Section 13 was constitutional, but that Section 54 (the penalty clause) was not.

It’s an absurd decision and one that Marc Lemire is fighting to overturn with his appeal.
Marc Lemire has also filed a 240 page motion to the Federal Court of Appeals requesting a stay of the earlier Federal Court ruling so that the CHRC cannot issue a lifetime speech ban against Lemire.

Second, at the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal, where Lemire will fight the threatened lifetime Free Speech ban.

If Freedom of Speech is important to you, then please contribute to Marc Lemire’s Free Speech Legal Defense Fund.

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