15-year-old Sarah Merkle delivers a powerful message to deaf Maryland legislators

Sarah-Merkle-delivers-message-to-deaf-Maryland-legislatorsSarah Merkle is just 15 years old, yet a video of her speech (below) to Maryland legislators is making news across North America.

Her impassioned speech last only 3 minutes, yet in that short time she effectively slays the arguments of gun confiscators and gun banners the world over.

Before that, however, she explains how Maryland’s pending legislation to ban so-called “assault rifles” directly affects her.

“I’m 15-years-old and I’ve been shooting for almost eight years. I’ve also been part of the Maryland Rifle Club and Maryland State Rifle Team. Because of this I have become eligible for various shooting scholarships around the country to a wide array of even the most prestigious colleges that have shooting teams. Achieving stricter gun control laws would obliterate any opportunity I could have had to attend a decent college on a shooting scholarship.”

This amazing young woman then goes on to point out those pesky little facts the gun banners despise… like the fact you are twice as likely to be killed with a gun in Chicago than you are as a soldier in the Afghanistan war.

“Chicago, Illinois has had some of the strictest gun control laws in America enacted in the last few years and it is currently more as twice as likely for you to be killed in Chicago than in the Afghani war.  For the past 11 years and 4 months in the Afghani war 2,166 people have been killed.  Now in only 8 years in Chicago 4,265 people have been killed and 3,371 of them were from being shot.

Is that really something we want to model our state laws after?

Now even of those  3,371 only 37 were killed with a rifle which is barely 1 percent. Ninety-eight percent were killed with a handgun, so creating gun control legislation that targets ‘assault rifles’ has statistically proven to only weed out less than 1 percent of the problem if you’re lucky.”

Sarah then goes on to point out the obvious to Maryland’s oblivious state legislators:

Criminals Don’t Obey Gun Laws.

“I would also like to point out that none of the guns used in the Chicago shootings were registered or licensed to the people who used them,   thus even further proving that simply restricting guns will not stop criminals from using them.”

Watch Sarah’s powerful message in full on YouTube.  It will only take 3 minutes and will leave you feeling very proud of this young woman and her willingness to speak the truth to her state legislators.

The only sad thing is how thoroughly those Maryland legislators closed their ears to the truth she speaks.

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