Even the Rich and Famous must suffer the Fools of Airport Security


In the realm of human stupidity it’s hard to do worse than the intrepid fools who inhabit the ranks of airport security.  There common sense is verboten and the ability to think rationally… well, let’s just say it’s not welcome there either.

The latest entry into the stupidest airport security blunder ever this week goes to the Swiss… a prize that actually surprised me.  I would expect this sort of blatant stupidity from the ranks of America’s hated TSA but it seems the Swiss want a shot at the title, as it were.

British media personality (and former cocaine addict) Tara Palmer-Tomkinson was recently detained for several hours at a Swiss airport for, get this, a pair of shoes made by Chanel.

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson's "killer shoes" confiscated by Swiss airport security
Tara Palmer-Tomkinson’s “killer shoes” confiscated by Swiss airport security

The heels of this particular pair of shoes looked like small pistols but there isn’t a functioning gun part anywhere to be found… unless you dare enter the hallways and corridors of the mindless airport security buffoons themselves who couldn’t figure that out.

Can you guess what happened next?

That’s right… while they eventually released Tara from custody and “allowed” her on her way…. her “killer shoes” are another story entirely.

Swiss airport security confiscated the evil footwear “to protect air travel everywhere.

You can’t really blame them… after all these are $1,500 Chanel shoes!

Why can’t we simply fire all the mindless bureaucrats who inhabit these agencies and replace them with human beings who can think?

Darn… I forgot…  that bloody Bureaucrat’s Rule #1:

The Rules Are More Important Than People

I’d best be a good little minion of the State and remember that next time I go near an airport!



4 thoughts on “Even the Rich and Famous must suffer the Fools of Airport Security

  1. Only one problem .As mindlles as the security people are so are the general public about guns,how hard would it be for someone to pull a heel off one of those shoes and force poeple to do what ever .

    Also in this day and age what was that person trying to prove by showing up waering something like that when you can’t take a bottle of shampo on a plane!!Maybe a little touch of I’m important so I can do what I want?

    The only problem I see is why it took them that long to make a desision as to what action to take .She should have been given a choice within 2 mins,off with the shoes or out of here.simple

    1. Sorry Larry, I disagree. We have all these stupid rules because Common Sense went the way of the DoDo bird.

      The only decision to be made was, “Very sorry Miss, here are your shoes. I apologize for the inconvenience. Have a nice flight.”

      There is no reason to confiscate shoes, shampoo, toothpaste or anything else from passengers. It’s pandering to political correctness and the “we should do something” mentality, nothing more.

      In response to hijackings of their airplanes in the 1970s Israel armed their flight crews. The hijackings stopped immediately. Imagine that.

      We would rather impose a barrage of asinine and ever-changing rules on passengers instead of simply doing what works to sove the problem.

      1. I agree with all ,but she arrived with the full knowledge of what was waiting for her and then whines when it happened?? Du. As for the Israels arming their plane crew ,right on!They did the same with their teachers ,that is the way to solve problems .In the mean time no one person should think they are better than ,more important than etc. Spend your money fighting to change the system not on shoes to scare the ill informed.

        1. Many questions popped to mind after reading all of the above, but I’ll keep it short. As a retired police officer I would have been a little concerned if I had come across anyone wearing these shoes, whether they were worth $1500 or $15. Once I found they were not funtioning I would have questioned, not the legality, but the morality of wearing something like this in public. My thoughts would be of the current news and the fears around airports, schools and even churches. I agree we all should be able to defend ourselves, our families and society but use the little “common sense” God gave each one of us.These shoes are nothing but a publicity grab by an ex-junkie.

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