Will You Write a Lettter of Support for Bruce Montague, his firearm collection and family home?

I received an interesting email the other day from Pastor Jim Butler of the Free Grace Baptist Church, located in Chilliwack, BC.  He drafted a letter to Ontario Members of Provincial Parliament (MPPs) and the Ontario Attorney General and wanted my input on that letter before sending it.

You can download and read that letter here:


As any regular reader of this blog and the Canadian Rights and Freedoms Bulletin knows, the Federal Conservative government, let by bureaucrats in the Ontario Provincial Police, arrested and charged Bruce Montague for violating Canada’s Firearms Act in 2004.  After a lengthy court battle Montague was sentenced to 18 months in prison and a year probation.

Now that he has served his full prison sentence the Federal government still wants to destroy his entire firearm collection which is worth roughly $100,000.

This is, for all intents and purposes, the Montague family’s life savings.  Selling off this collection over time is how Bruce and Donna Montague had planned on funding their retirement.

Add to this the Ontario Provincial Government’s desire to steal the Montague family home and property under Ontario’s proceeds of crime legislation, it’s clear the plan is to utterly destroy the Montague family and leave them both penniless and homeless.

Not bad for two levels of government that claim to be “humanitarian”.

Of course those “humanitarian” principles only apply to you if you’re NOT a firearm owner…

Here is a portion of Pastor Jim Butler’s letter:

I am writing to voice my opposition to the destruction of Mr. Bruce Montague’s private property by the Ontario government.

Mr. Montague challenged the constitutionality of Canada’s firearm act on January 1st, 2003. He did not make this challenge in a violent way; rather, he burned his firearm license on Parliament Hill on January 1, 2003.
Mr. Montague presumably thought the public action would bring attention to the firearms act and would provide a venue by which Mr. Montague could rationally engage the court in a dispute concerning the constitutionality of the law.

Instead, Mr. Montague was arrested, his property was seized, and he was then subject to seven years in the court system which culminated in a prison term and an impending seizure of his property, including his family’s home.

I urge you to write a letter of your own in support of Bruce and Donna Montague.  Politicians only pay attention when they see the price is votes against them.

Yours in Liberty,


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